Overalls and safety. (1984)

Documentary №52206, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:46
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:M. Ciganov
Other authors:B. Nikitin, A. Korovin, L. Sojchenkova, V. Shishkin, I. Kasatkin, V. Kuzin, B. Kokin, I. Medvedeva


The film tells about the role of workwear in industrial safety, about the organization of receiving, storing and issuing workwear and personal protective equipment at enterprises.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Firefighters in special flame-retardant suits extinguish the fire.

Panorama of the fire area.

Welders in protective masks and gloves weld the seam of the pipeline.

A steelworker with protective glass and in a special robe works at the furnace.

A dosimetrist wearing a gas mask and a protective kit measures the radiation level.

Oil workers in protective clothing while working on the drilling rig.

Astronauts in spacesuits on board a spaceship.

Production process in the forging and pressing shop, workers in protective helmets and glasses.

The fall of a hot metal billet on the worker's foot, shod in a shoe without a metal sock.

An ambulance passes by.

The medical team gets out of the car.

The act of an industrial accident.

Loading the stretcher with the victim into the ambulance.

The welder removes his protective mask and unbuttons his robe.

A welder in an unbuttoned robe burns his chest with sparks from welding as a result of violating the rules of wearing workwear.

The text of the act on an industrial accident-a burn of the 3rd degree.

Use of gloves without protective impregnation.

The worker removes his protective sunglasses.

A turner without protective glasses works on the machine.

Eye damage due to neglect of personal protective equipment.

The text of the act of an accident-a contusion of the cornea of the eye.

The ambulance is on its way to answer the call.

Acts of industrial accidents.

Resolutions of the Government of the USSR on the definition of a set of measures to improve the provision of workers with special clothing and personal protective equipment necessary to create safe working conditions.

Samples of workwear for workers of various professions on mannequins.

Samples of special protective shoes.

Samples of protective hats.

Stands with exposed respiratory, visual, and hand protection equipment.

Representatives of enterprises inspect samples of workwear displayed in the hall.

Operational meeting of the management and representatives of the trade union organization of the enterprise to provide workers with workwear.

Persons of the meeting participants.

View models and samples of workwear and personal protective equipment.

The audience makes notes in their notebooks.

Filling in the personal card of the worker for the selection of personal protective equipment by the masters and heads of the sections.

Foremen and site managers submit the collected information for the preparation of a consolidated shop application.

Preparation and verification of the correctness of the preparation of shop applications.

Processing of shop applications in the enterprise's computer center, data on the monitor screen.

Employees of the computer center at work, the equipment of the computer center.

Printout of applications.

Entrance to the salon-shop of the company "Stankoagregat".

Unloading bundles of workwear from a van.

Members of the admission committee check the received workwear for compliance with the application and GOST standards.

Marriage detection.

Logging the results of the check.

The act of reclamation for the return of substandard workwear to the supplier.

Receiving security equipment that has passed the test in the warehouse of the salon-store.

An employee of the warehouse puts work clothes on the shelves.

Workwear, spread out by size.

Layout of protective equipment in the warehouse of women's workwear.

Internal types of warehouses for shoes and warm workwear.

A storekeeper hangs sets of workwear on a hanger.

Branding of workwear on a special machine.

Brands of workshops and production facilities on the sleeves of jackets.

Hanging workwear in the warehouse.

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Workers of the company "Stankoagregat" enter the salon-shop.

Delivery of workwear that has expired.

Workers sign for the delivery of old workwear.

Receipt of new workwear by workers in the warehouse.

Individual fitting of standard models of women's workwear.

The employee signs the receipt of new workwear.

Engineering and technical employees of the company choose workwear in the warehouse for a fee.

Fitting workwear.

Employees of the company leaving the salon-shop with bags of new workwear.

People enter the gates of the workshop.

Workers hang up the resulting protective clothing and lay out protective equipment in individual lockers in the locker room.

Workers wash in the shower.

Repair of workwear.

Loading contaminated workwear into the drum of the washing machine.

Washing of workwear.

Ironing of workwear with the help of an ironing machine.

Workers pass through the factory entrance.

Workers wear protective clothing and protective equipment before starting their shift.

Workers, dressed according to the established standards, take their places at the machines in the shop.

Automated and mechanized production processes in workshops.

Stands dedicated to safety and labor protection in workshops.

The chief makes a tour of the sites.

The head of the shop makes a remark to the worker who is not wearing protective glasses, the worker puts on glasses.

Blacksmith shop workers in protective shoes and clothing at work.

The use of personal protective equipment by workers in the workplace.

Firefighters wear protective fire-resistant suits before leaving.

Scuba divers in special suits jump into the water from the stern of the ship.

Foundry workers at work.

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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