New York Saw That.. (1959)

Film-document №5226 4 parts, Duration: 0:40:28, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva N.

Script writers: Makaseev B., Mikosha V., Pankin L.

Operators: Makaseev B., Mikosha V., Pankin L.

Text writers: Kassil L.


About the Soviet Exhibition of the Achiements in Science, Culture and Engineering in New York.

Historical background

On June 29, 1959 in New York opened exhibition of achievements of Soviet science, technology and culture. More than one million one hundred thousand Americans visited the Soviet exhibition in New York

Temporary description

A film about the Soviet exhibition of achievements in the field of technology, science and culture in New York. USA, New York. Streets and buildings. Skyscrapers. Cinema. Posters of Soviet films in the cinema building. Soviet exhibition at the exhibition hall, Coliseum. The queue in front of the exhibition. Customers visiting the exhibition. Among those present: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, FR Kozlov, mayor of New York's Wagner, V. Cliburn pianist, architect Charles Lokmen, Professor W. Dubois, U.S. Defense Secretary McElroy, Secretary of Agriculture Benson Senator Magidson, K. Sanberg poet, a representative of the U.S. business community Rockefeller, photographer E. flocks. Exhibits, exhibits of the exhibition. Models of aircraft IL-18, TU-114 nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin", optical instruments, models of industrial plants, paintings artists P. Corina, Brodsky, sculpture E. Vucetic, S. T. Konenkova, works of applied art, cars, furniture, musical instruments, glassware and porcelain, light industry products, Obraztsov puppet theater. Demonstration models of clothes. V. Cliburn performs the melody of the song "Moscow Nights" on the piano, "Estonia".

Reel №1

Plans of New York - Various.

New York - LS. (Top).

Streets of New York.

Shops, shop windows.

Cinema, hang posters of Soviet films.

In the streets of a great movement.

The building of the Colosseum, it "Soviet exhibition of science, technology and culture."

Outside the exhibition, in anticipation of its opening, there is a big place.

Prior to the official opening of its visiting: U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers FR Kozlov, Soviet Ambassador to the United States, MA Menshikov and CEO A. Manzhula exhibition.

FR Kozlov and Eisenhower visiting the exhibition.

For the top table FR Kozlov, AN Tupolev, A. Manzhula.

Present in the room applauded.

I call on the mayor of New York City by Richard Wagner.

Serves U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon.

From the platform says FR Kozlov (synchronously).

Comrade Kozlov cuts the ribbon and with Nixon up the escalator - LS.

The people are at the door exhibition - PNRM.

We escalator sculpture Vucetic "Swords into Plowshares."

Visitors walk in the exhibition halls.

Viewing models of Soviet satellites.

Visitors take pictures of the Soviet satellites.

General view of the conference room with models of satellites.

Mock plane "IL-18".

Mock airfield, fitted with a radar and remote control - PNRM.

Layout night airfield.

The people at the model airplane "TU-114".

Visitors inside the aircraft, inspect it.

Turn the plane.

The people at the model of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin".

Visitors from Cuba, two men from Puerto Rico, are two nuns.

Visitors are entered in the book of the records.

Visitors view the exhibits.

Reel №2

Customers visiting the Department of the atom.

Model of the "Alpha".

The same model in the section.

The device - the glow of the Soviet scientist Cherenkov awarded the Nobel Prize - PNRM.

Measuring device - PNRM.

Layout synchrotron - MS.

Acting synchrotron in Dubna.

Department of "Optics".

Optical instruments.

Optical glass.

Camera "Leningrad".

Super-fast recording camera.

Compound microscope.

Electron microscope.

In anomaloscope looking girl.

Spotting system Maksudov model greatest telescope in Europe, which is set in the Crimean Observatory.

Department of "Radio and Television."

Bust Popov.

Storm indicator Popov.

At the stand of various televisions most modern radios - PNRM.

A new TV in the form of a chess table.

Visitors at room equipment typical transmitter is valid.

Visitors see themselves on TV.

Radios on semiconductors.

A visitor examines radio.

Visitors to the department layouts hydropower.

The existing hydro on the Volga.

The plant model.

Models of oil fields - oil from the seabed.

Visitors to the section "Machine Tool".

Inspect automatic machines work.

Operating model railroad stations-locking.

Visitors to the exhibition explore coal combine.

Visitors at the model of a walking excavator - LS., PNRM.

In layout walking excavator Averel Mr.

Harriman and his wife - MS.

Visitors to the exhibition in the foyer of the rest.

Reel №3

Salon full stereo music listening audience.

Listen - Various.

Lounge with stereo listening to music, filmed through a microscope slide.

Summer landscapes of Russian nature: birch trees, birch grove, a pond in the woods.

The department "Painting and Sculpture" crowded with visitors.

Visitors at the pictures: Laktionova "Letter from the Front", Kukryniksov "The End", the artist Romas "In the flesh," Brodsky "Lenin".

Group portrait of Kukryniksov Pavel Korin.

Bust "Rabindranath Tagore" by sculptor Azgur.

Bust by sculptor Konenkov.

Visitors lively conversation, share their impressions.

Department of "Medicine."

Visitors view the universal operating table, lit with fluorescent lamps, television apparatus, with which you can monitor the operation.

Stand with a set of surgical instruments.

In the hands of the root tool for flashing light.

Tool kit crosslinking blood vessels.


Photo posters eye operations Academician Filatov, they are considered visitors.

A child in a wheelchair drinking milk from a bottle nipple.

Among the visitors, a Democratic senator from the state of Washington, Mr.

Magidson, Carl Sandburg - poet, Edward hauled Rockefeller - American businessman, Dr.

William Dudu, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Mr.


U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Mr.

Benson and his wife, in the department of rural household machines.

Division "Agriculture» - LS., PNRM.

Customers visiting the farm machinery.

Inspect stands with portraits of Heroes of Socialist Labor.

Customers in the food department.

On the shelves in cellophane packages are all sorts of products: cheese, sausage, etc.

On racks wine collection.

General view of the room, filled with visitors, see the layout of the building of Moscow State University.

General view of the conference room (removed from the passage on the escalator).

Visitors view an exhibition of cars.

"Moskvich", "ZIS-110", "The Seagull."

Reel №4

Visitors to the exhibition are raised, others go down the escalator - LS.

Central exhibition hall with visitors - LS.

Visitors view on the stands of the craftsmen: products of different works from the bone.

Carvings in wood.

Stand with glassware.

On the stand doll theater Obraztsov.

Decorated Christmas tree.

Children look at the tree.

Visitor looking fabric on the walls, touch hands.

Visitors at the stands of furs and fur products.

Mannequins in fur coats.

Wife of Vice-President Nixon considers fur.

Stand with mannequins of dresses made of fabrics.


The audience in the hall display styles, are mannequins in different dresses, the audience applauds.

Visitors to the music department of the exhibition.

Visitors play the piano brand "Red October."

Piano keyboard - CU.

Visitors play a musical instrument "Ekvodine."

One by one the three visitors play the piano "Estonia".

In the music room is the Van Cliburn and his.

Van Cliburn presented with a box of chocolates in the shape of a grand piano with his portrait.

B. Clyburn sees box goes to the piano.

V. Cliburn plays the piano "Moscow Nights" (synchronous).

Van Cliburn at the Moscow Conservatory.

The audience in the hall applauded.

V. Cliburn makes an entry in the guestbook.

Visitors to the section "Books", browsing books on the stands.

Visitors to the section "Housing" from models of houses - PNRM.

Housing construction in the South West area of ​​the city of Moscow - LS.

In layout MSU Mr.

Garlz Lokmen, head of a large firm, the author of many projects of buildings and bridges.

Visitors to the stand Lenin Stadium - LS.

People pass through the halls of the exhibition.

Stand "Intourist" with pictures.

Pass through the halls of the exhibition Soviet tourists.

One of these photographs.

Flying doves - LS.

Exhibition building (filmed from above) along the building is all on show.

New York, skyscrapers (shot from above).