Eureka № 7 (1988)

Newsreel №52267, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Rajtburt S.

Reel №1

In newsreel seven stories.

The first part.

1. Plot on how to feed birds in the winter forest.

Winter landscapes forest.

Spruce branches of trees in the snow.

Crossbills, woodpecker peck fir cones.

Tit on a branch.

Squirrel on a spruce branch gnaws cone.

Cones lie on the snow.

2. Plot of the new substance polyoxyethylene as would increase the fluid pressure in the pipeline.

Fountain "Friendship of Peoples" at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in


Sprinkling irrigation system running on the field.

Demonstration experiments demonstrating property polyoxyethylene increasing fluid pressure.

Cartoon illustrating this property polyoxyethylene.

Firefighters extinguish a fire hose.

Firefighters extinguish a burning aircraft on the airfield.

3. Plot of the animal painter, teacher MSU Vladimir (Vadim) Moiseevich.

V.M.Smirin at home draws bat.

Drawings mammals by the artist. V.M.Smirin draws squirrel sitting in a cage, pika, carves wood miniature sculpture of the animal. V.M.Smirin scans his drawings.

4. Plot of the engineers on the Moscow-motorist Mikhailov, assembled a collection of car models, some of which was created by his hands.

Model cars on the shelf.

Mikhailov at home collects another model car.

Mikhailov driving a truck.

Lorry platform for transportation of cars on the road.

5. Plot of the show aquarium fishes.

Aquarium fish.

Pupils near the aquarium.

Boy pulls out of the aquarium fish-ball, which in his hands and turns into inflated balloon.

Then he puts the ball in the fish tank where it gets back into shape.

The second part.

6. Plot of the effect described by the Soviet scientist P.A.Rebinderom.

Demonstration experiments illustrating the dispersion of solids - "Rebinder effect."

Physical chemist, academician of the USSR P.A.Rebinder group of scientists (photo).

7. Plot of crickets (insects).

Macro insects crickets: antennae, body, eggs and larva cricket. "Fighting" crickets.

8. Plot of one of the types of graphic art - silhouette.

Painted on ancient Greek vases.

Staging: the artist dressed as 19th-century carving profile ladies.

Silhouette painting FP Tolstoy.

Key words

Fire protection.
Out of school education.
Road transport.
Chemical Physics.

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