Unknown of the Unknown. (1990)

Documentary №52393, 7 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:G.Chertov, L.Gurevich
Camera operators:A.Chertov


The film tells about the life of sculptor and graphic Ernst Unknown living since 1976 abroad.

Reel №1

E. Neizvestnyi in his studio in New York, talks about how he sees the film about himself, talks about the reasons for his exile, the struggle for survival, about "synthetic Monumental" and the position of the Soviet regime in relation to the artists of "anthropological" crime of Soviet power, provocations authorities in his address about the civil early in art and time-serving, and the tasks of the artist (sinhr.).

PNRM. on the artist's studio in New York.

Arkady Vatsberg talks with E. Neizvestnyi workshop (sinhr.).

PNRM. by E. Neizvestnyi monumental work "The Tree of Life."

E. Neizvestnyi Students work in his studio, talk about his teacher (sinhr.).


New York, May 1989.

Exhibition bronze E. Neizvestnyi Gallery Nahankina on Medisson Avenue.

Mom B.A.Dizhur artist, his daughter and friends at the opening. B.A.Dizhur talks about his son, reading his poetry (sinhr.). E. Neizvestnyi talks about working on the monument to the victims of Stalin's regime, his vision of the monument (sinhr.).

Unknown to the students working on the monument.

Layout of the monument. E. Neizvestnyi his painting in his studio, takes visitors.

The artist talks about how he fought in the Great Patriotic War, reads his poetry about the war (sinhr.).

Crucifixion - tombstone Tarkovsky (E. Neizvestnyi work).

July 1989. Airport "Sheremetyevo". E. Neizvestnyi arrives to Moscow as a member state of the U.S. delegation. E. Neizvestnyi speaks to the audience, says the concept of the word "freedom" (sinhr.).

E. Neizvestnyi goes to his former home in Moscow, the home where the 70-ies. was his master, goes to the grave of Khrushchev at Novodevichy Cemetery, tells how he was working on a tombstone, former chief of the country.

E. Neizvestnyi in the suburbs of


Types of Sverdlovsk - city youth artist.

Kind of an Orthodox church in the Urals village summer.

Sweden: rural landscapes; E. Neizvestnyi museum interiors.

Types of New York.

Passers-by on the streets.

Sulptury E. Neizvestnyi on the streets.

River landscapes. E. Neizvestnyi with her daughter on a boat sailing.

The artist's daughter talks about her father, about his life in America (sinhr.).

In the film, newsreels, 1973.: E. Neizvestnyi works in his studio in Moscow, sculpture workshop in the yard.

Key words

Funeral business.

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