Chemists. (1964)

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Director: V.Vinogradov

Script writers: V.Vinogradov

Operators: O.Krasnov

Composers: R.Bunin

Text writers: S.Rajtburt


The film shows the everyday work of scientific-research chemical laboratory

Science | Chemistry

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Glass devices in the lab.

Chemical instruments in the laboratory.

Two glass flasks with red and blue solution.

Panorama of the glass instruments in the laboratory.

The retort with liquid.

The General plan of the chemical laboratory.

Desk with the devices.

View of the table with the underlying books.

Glass devices,rubber tubing.

An open book.

Panorama glass devices.

The beginning of the working day.

A man enters the lab.

The second man goes in, something is discussing with first.

A man wearing a white robe and goes to the Desk.

A chemical laboratory.

The men in white coats.

Large retort with a liquid.

The retort begins to rotate.

Hand, opening the valve.

A man in a white robe with a Board, with a written formula that explains something to a colleague (synchronously).

Explains and writes another formula.

Sitting at the table scientist, puts the experience.

Two scientists debate something (synchronously).

The two chemists working in a laboratory.

Young scientist something pours out of the tube.

A man and a woman connect devices.

Young chemist leafing through the book.

Another scientist that looks at the vial.

The man from the syringe fills liquid into a test tube.

The man at the table looking for something in a small box.

A scientist with a book at the table.

The man fiddles with the model formula.

Large model of the formula.

The General plan of the chemical laboratory.

Close-up hand lighting the burner.

Hand shaking the flask with a white substance.

Hand writes formulas on a piece of paper.

Hands stirring something in a bowl.

The man heats on the burner glass tube.

The chemist shakes the flask with a white substance.

Laboratory worker at the table reading.

One of the employees collects the device.

The big man's face.

Twisted loop glass tube.

Hands of heating a glass tube.

Laboratory worker pours the steaming liquid into a test tube.

The girl on the background of Kolb works in the laboratory.

Panorama of the chemical laboratory, the instrument.

The scientist has the experience and tightens up the devices.

Fit woman looking at the ongoing process.

Man and woman discussing something.

One of the employees picks up a small triangular flask.


Lab: one of the employees writes something.

The large scale of the thermometer.

A man comes to the devices, where is Smoking some substance.

Boiling liquid.

The flask with boiling liquid.

Dripping into the flask liquid.

Boiling liquid.

Panorama of the chemical laboratory.

Large retort.

The General plan of the laboratory, a man opens the door and leaves.


Chemical laboratory