Tunguska meteorite. (1965)

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Director: I. Gradov

Operators: N. Strukov, M. Zaplatkin, I. Taluev, B. Moskalenko, Ya. Panov, E. Malinkin, O. Maksimov, V. Shaposhnikov, V. Novgorodcev, N. Popov

Reel №1

Types of Leningrad.

Academician Fersman the conversation with a group of scientists.

Showcase minerals in the museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Chronicle 1928 expedition to the site of the Tunguska meteorite: members of the expedition on the road.

Reception fur on one of the items procurement office.

Hunters in the store make a purchase.

Building Boat Shitikov to continue the expedition.

Descent to the boats on the river.

Views of the river and surrounding Cushman.

Members of the expedition fish, making their way through the taiga.

One of the participants makes a topographical survey.


Chronicle of London in 1908.

Expedition to the crash of Sikhote-Alin meteorite headed by Academician R. Fesenkov: research and surveys on the ground.

The study collected at the crash site of minerals in the laboratory.

Expedition to Vanavary.

Vanavara village.

Members of the expedition floating on the river, go through the woods, taking soil samples, examine the ground.

Expedition of 1961.

Members of the expedition carried out topographic measurements, set poles, studying tree rings to cut down a tree.

Laboratory assistant studying the composition of the ash.

Researchers go skiing in the swamp, with the device detect the presence of magnetic masses in the swamp.

Expedition to Lake Ceco.

Members of the expedition take samples of soil, silt.

Expedition 1962 Mutarae.

Investigation of the lake bottom.

Soil samples.

Examination of soil in the laboratory of the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Vernadsky.

Conducting experiments to simulate the explosion and the rapid decay of the meteorite at the Institute of Earth Physics named Schmidt on the experimental setup.

Botanical Garden staff conduct experiments with simulations radiant burn on a branch of larch.

General view of the area of ​​the Tunguska meteorite.

Key words

Geology. Geophysics. Geography. Nature. Settlements. National life. Geochemistry. Trade.