Film-travel almanac № 199 (1985)

Newsreel №52480, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Other authors:Zvukooperator A.Romanov

Reel №1

Taiga (landscape).

Reindeer sleds moving in the tundra.

Surveyors working in the taiga.

The pioneers master the Pechora coal basin.

Trucks passing through the forest road (winter mode).

The helicopter carries cargo during a blizzard.

Workers on drilling operations.



PNRM. for residential buildings.

Tropical forests, river (landscape).

Residents of the capital Antananarivo walk through the tropical garden at the waterfront park.

Tourists take pictures of exotic plants.

PNRM. the reserve.

Secretary bird sitting in a nest on a tree.

Crocodile, tortoises, lemurs in the rainforest reserve.

People walk through the streets of Antananarivo, passing vehicles.

General view of the city (from a top point).

The second part


PNRM. on the interior of the room right candidate Kosacha Peter and his wife Alena Pchilky writer.

People boating on the water, dancing, dances on the river during the Midsummer holiday.

PNRM. interior designer house museum poetess Lesya Ukrainka (Larysa Kosach-Kvitki) in the village of [Kolodezhnoe].

Monument to Lesia Ukrainka PNRM. the garden at the house-museum (autumn survey).

A woman collects water from a well in his yard.

Cows graze in the meadow by the pond.

PNRM. through the woods.

Horse walking on a forest path.

Showered foliage from trees.

The fire is burning in the fireplace.

PNRM. the building of an ancient castle (removed from the upper and lower points). "Poetic wreath Lesya Ukrainka" floating on the river.



PNRM. mountains, the hotel "Pearl" on the Black Sea (from a flying plane).

Waterfalls in the Mountains (landscape).

Group led by the mountain campers [U.A.Reylyana] discuss the upcoming route path, relax by the fire in the forest.

PNRM. Members of the expedition on cars their way through the mountain slopes, laying flowers at the monument to the fallen soldiers of the Soviet Army, blocked the path of the German fascist invaders in the Black Sea coast in 1941 1943gg.

PNRM. on mountain lake.

Convoy moves along the mountain road.

Key words

Air transport.
Road transport.
City transport.
Rural settlements.
National life, holidays, celebrations.
Objects of public leisure and recreation.

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