Film-travel almanac 1985 № 201

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Director: Rezhissyor vipuska - B.Slomyanskij Rezhissyori syuzhetov - D.Mamedov, O.Nifontova, B.Slomyanskij

Operators: N.Sologubov, A.Klimentjev, G.Dubrovin, A.Gorchukov

Reel №1

The first part.

1. FEAT unleavened.


Types of streets in the area of ​​Krasnaya Presnya related to events of the December armed uprising in 1905

Former Big Baptist Lane. (Now Bolshevik str.), Where the headquarters of the uprising.

MSU observatory building, which housed the armory workers fighting squads.

Barricades in the streets during the uprising (photo).

Column of troops on the streets of Moscow (photo).

Destroyed buildings in Presnia after the uprising (photo).

Battlefields Krasnaya Presnya: Humpback Bridge, the area in front of the zoo, etc.

Monument "Heroes of the Revolution 1905-1907 gg."

Detail of diorama "December armed uprising in Presnia" at the Museum "Presnya."

2. AT THE FOOT OF THE SUN. Tajikistan.

Snow-capped Pamir mountain range.

Valley of the mountain river.

Herd of sheep on a mountain pasture.

Trucks on the road in the mountains.

Type of

Khorog - Pamir center.

Woman in a pear garden.

Men Tajiks drink tea in the courtyard.

The streets of


Modern buildings in the city.

The building of the telegraph


Pamir Botanical Garden at the foot of the mountains.

The staff of the Botanical Garden at work in the garden.

Flowers in the garden.

Passenger plane takes off "Aeroflot".

Mountaineers climb uphill.

Snow-capped mountains.

Road in the mountains.

The second part.

3. Land of Kalevala.


Forest near the river.

Rocky shore.

Finnish folklorist, composer of Karelian, Finnish runes and Izhora epic "Kalevala" E.Lenrot with members of his family (photo).

Rune-singers hold each other's hands during the performance of the epic songs (photo).

The movement of water in the river.

Women - Karelian village residents crochet rug from rags, knitting needles of yarn, spun yarn.

Men - Karelian village residents made boats, weave a basket of birch bark.

Boat pulls a boat on the river.

Fishermen pulling a fishing net into the boat.

Wooden church on the banks of the river.

Wooden dome of the church.

Upturned boats lie on the river bank.

Drops of water on the branches.

Cranberries in a basket.

Women in the house sorted out cranberries.

Samovar on the table.

Mature woman karelka weaves a fishing net.

Rocky shore of the river.

4. FROM SEA TO SEA. Students Far Eastern Higher Engineering School at the training boat while sailing cook.

Educator of the Navigation Department, Captain training yacht Leonid Lysenko studying a map, wrote in the journal.

Yachts on the river.


Giant sculpture of Motherland on Mamaev Hill in


Students in the tour bus passing through the streets of the city near the "home Pavlova."

Students having lunch on the boat.

Children's Railway.


Yacht on the river.

Volga evening.

Training yacht on the Sea of ​​Azov.

Students on a yacht in the evening.

Missile launch from the yacht.

Seagulls over the sea.

Memorial complex "Little Land" sculptural group "Marines" in


Brass band of sailors.

Students stand in a line on the shore.

Key words

Revolutionary and social movement of the 19th century. and until the February revolution. 1917 Cities, towns, villages. Professional Education (Higher). Museums. Landscapes. Road transport. Features of national life. Telegraph. Scientific institutions issledovatelnskie (zoological and botanical gardens). Air transport. Mountaineering. Christianity. World War II (including the Great Patriotic War). Maritime transport. Out of school education.