Film-travel almanac № 205 (1985)

Newsreel №52483, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:A.Klyuchnikov, T.Chivikova, D.Rodichev, A.Babayan (rezhissyor vipuska)
Camera operators:N.Sologubov, V.Kipin, S.Arcelova, A.Klimentjev

Reel №1

The first part.



Forest, river (aerial photography).

Male Yakut horse saddles.

A herd of deer in the forest.

Men riding on a reindeer sleigh.

Construction work on the site Berkakit Neryungri-Amur-Yakutsk highway: felling; construction of a wooden bridge across the river; dump passes along the track.

Construction of a wooden house in the base construction camp.

Construction of a bridge across the river.

Lena: working dredgers view concrete poles in the water.

Bulldozer working on a construction site.

Haulers on the site.

Clay fray of the tipper body.

One type of road sections.



General view of a coal mine.

Explosion in his career.

Coal loading dump trucks.

Excavator works in his career.

Loaded coal dump pass in his career, on the highway.

Yakut driver behind the wheel truck.

Vehicular traffic on the highway.

Meeting builders pioneer in


Russian girl in national costume builders brings bread and salt.

Speech Yakut rider on a trained horse in front of the audience at the square.

Detail of the pageant on the area of ​​urban layouts buildings.

Passenger and freight trains are on the tracks in


2.Color DESERT.


The architectural complex of ancient Georgian monastery David Garedzha.

Carved into the rocks premises monastic buildings.

Ancient vessels, utensils and archaeological finds on the bench.

Species of cave rooms monastic buildings (10-13 centuries).

Frescoes (8-14 cc) in the refectory David Garedzha.

Passages in the rock.

Dry water draining.

Creek flows through the rock.

Pupils run on the mountain.

View from.


A resident with.

Udabno breaks fresh bread.

Parade of locals in the land Revival Day (holiday Goridzhoba).

Among the participants of the march: a group of men carrying Huge horn; boy on compact tractors; locals on carts with fruits, vegetables and jugs of wine; riders on horseback; men carrying on their backs lambs.

View from.


Modern two-storey house in the village.

Builders work on the roof.

Young woman with children passes through the village.

Flock of sheep.

Boys fighting in a circle on a holiday.

Man on fire khinkali brews.

Festive meal locals under the open sky.

White horse near the fence.

Bull lying on straw.

A herd of cows and a shepherd.

Members of the choir in traditional costumes perform at the outdoor area.

Adjacent to the site is a stone on which is carved vine.

Boys and girls in national costumes of the festival participants.

Man ties up the vine.

View of a young vineyard in the backyard of a house.

A man inspects a vineyard, a woman pours a vineyard.

Watering plants operate in the field.

The second part.


A section of the river.


Perm architectural and historical museum under the open sky. (The museum is associated with the saltworks fishing).

Drawings depicting salt fish Anikei Stroganov.

Type wooden Varnitsy.

Trumpet of pine logs from the soil on which acted salt solution Varnita.

Builders reduced solezavod.

Construction of a wooden hut.

Sledges, cart in the farm building.

Group of tourists passes near the shield with the inscription: "Hohlovka."

Tour guide and a group of tourists around the windmill.

Wooden church.

Watchtower on the hill.

Barge floating on the river.


South-eastern part of Turkmenistan.

View spur Hissar ridge - Kugintangtau.

The inscription on the pedestal "Gaurdak."

Members of the expedition cost about exploration machine.

Man draws on a route map of the expedition to the cave Vertical.

Members of the expedition are in the mountains.

Members of the expedition in a cave.

Man down the rope into the well.

Bones, skeletons of animals in the cave.

Skeleton mountain goat.

Man photographs of animal skeleton.

Man takes to explore fragment of decayed tissue.

Members of the expedition out of the cave.

Interior view of the cave.

Key words

Road transport.
Towns posselki rural settlements.
Fuel industry.
National life, holidays, celebrations.
Folk (national) sports.
Amateur Art.
Monuments of history, architecture and art.
Individual farming and ogrodnichestvo.
River transport and road.
Food industry.

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