Film-travel almanac № 243 (1989)

Newsreel №52499, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:A.Gorchukov, A. Klyuchnikov, G. Ivanova, N. Polonskaya
Camera operators:A. Gorchukov, D. Serpuhin, I. Sosenkov

Reel №1

Part 1. 1st plot.

Meet all the winds.

Sailboats and yachts in the sea.

Kind of an old sailing ship "Cutty sark" laid up in front of the National Maritime Museum in London.

The audience at the seaport of London escorts ships during the sailing regatta "Cutte sark".

Sailing "World", "Sedov", "Krusenstern" in the harbor.

Sailors secure the sails on masts sailboat.

Participants Regatta on the deck of one of the vessels operate various marine team.

President of the International Sailing Association welcomes the vessel crew "World", is photographed with a team sailboat.

Participation of sailboats and yachts in the regatta.

General view of the fireworks.

2nd story. ...

To his home.

Tver region landscape: field, river, church on the bank of the pond, horse grazing in a meadow.

General view of the outbuildings, one of the houses in the village Slepnevo.

Kind of gray granite boulder on the spot where stood the house of Anna Akhmatova.

View centennial oak Slepnevo on which hangs a plaque stating that this place was a manor "Slepnevo."

View from the house in which from 1911 to 1917. lived and worked Russian poets AA Akhmatova and NS Gumilev and which was moved from the village

Slepnevo Gradnitsy the village.

Interior room in the museum, the museum's exhibits.

Part 2. Third plot.

Come back, former glory.

Type area, streets, buildings, seaport village in the Dutch Terseling.

Villagers in the streets, on the beach, where a theatrical performance played on the events of the 17th century, when the British fleet approached the shore Terselinga and burned it to the ground.

The audience on the shore watching the show.

View ships in Poltu Terselinga.

General view of the insurance company "Lloyd" in London.

Interior view of the company's premises.

Employees at work.

View magazine company containing all the wrecked ships.

Kind of a passenger ferry in the sea.

4th story.

Untiring hymnal.

Panorama from the river to the city

Cinnamon on Volyn.

General view of the female Koritskii Holy Trinity Monastery.

Panorama of the monastery buildings, temples.

Abbess of the monastery talking to a nun, which shows her baked prosfirku.

Abbess blesses a nun.

One of the nuns at the monastery passes and has a wooden mallet on the board.

Nun praying before the icon of the Mother of God Koritskii.

General view of the interior decoration and paintings in one of the temples.

The procession of the monastery.

The priest in the temple sanctifies cross.

Nuns poured water from a well in the monastery buckets, carry them.

One of the nuns milking a cow.

The nuns at the monastery impose collected potatoes in bags.

View pumpkins gathered in the monastery garden.

Nuns embroidered with silver and gold threads.

Kind of finished products.

View baked bread in a monastery bakery.

Panorama from the city on a ruined temple.

View of the monastery churchyard.

Festive service in one of the temples.

Nun in the temple reads hymnal.

Key words

Maritime transport.
Rural settlements.

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