Horizon 1980 № 22

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Director: E.Ostashenko (rezhissyor vipuska), O.Babushkin, L.Trubnikova

Operators: E.Ueckij, Yu.Shajgordanov, V.Novgorodcev, D.Masurenkov, M.Yakshin

Reel №1

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Kinoalmanah consists of three plots.

First part.

1 st story.


Laboratory of the Department of Zoology of Vertebrates of Moscow State University.

A laboratory employee listens to a tape recording with the voices of animals.

Candidate of biological sciences Tatyana Lisitsyna, who studies pinnipeds, listens to the tapes of the voices of walruses, sea lions, fur seals in the laboratory.

The type of the library. T.Lisitsyna browses photos of walruses, seals.

View of Arakamchechen Island in the Bering Sea.

Rookery of walruses. T. Lisitsyna takes pictures of animals, records the voices of animals on the tape recorder.

Walruses in the sea.

View of the island. T. Lisitsyna near the tent on the island wrote in a notebook.

Key words

Professional Education (Higher). Zoology. Landscapes. Wildlife. Flora. Architecture. City. Literature. Botany. Museums.

Reel №2

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The second part.

2-nd plot.


Type of laboratory of the Agricultural Academy named after KA Timiryazev.

A laboratory worker measures the egg, the thickness of the shell, and tests the eggshell for strength.

A crack in the shell, through which the pulsation of the heart of the embryo is visible.

The nestling breaks the shell.

Structure of the shell.

Photos of fibers, pores, needle crystals in the shell.

Architect J.Lebedev, who uses in the architecture of the needle structure of the shell, draws at the table.

Sketches of buildings by Yu.


Photos of modern buildings of round shapes.

Nestling near the shell.

Reel №3

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The third part.

3rd story.


GDR, Weimar.

Waterfall on a mountain river.

Stone tombstones in the cemetery.

Crosses on graves.

Tomb of the writer IV Goethe.

The inscription on the tomb: "GOETHE".

The posthumous mask of I. Goethe.

Pictorial portraits of I. Goethe.

Kinds of Mr.

Weimar (engravings).

Views of Frankfurt am Main - the birthplace of IV Goethe (engravings).

Cover of the novel by I. Goethe "The Suffering of the Young Werther".

Portrait of the poet F. Schiller - friend IV Goethe.

The building of the National Museum of Goethe in Weimar.

A park.

Stone bridge over the river.

The type of herbarium of plants collected by Goethe.

Illustrations in the book of I. Goethe, dedicated to the structure of the human jaw.

Germination of the seed in the soil, plant growth, opening of the leaves (time-lapse cinematography).

Flowers on the field.

Lily, stamens of a lily.

Reel №4

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Fourth part.

GDR, Weimar.

The building of the National Museum of I. Goethe.

Interiors of rooms.

Library, study, laboratory IV Goethe.

The sprout grows, the leaves open (time-lapse cinematography).

View of the garden near the house.





Books by I. Goethe "Chromatics.

Teaching about color "," Metamorphosis of plants "and others.

The flower grows and dissolves (time-lapse cinematography).

Collection of plants in the museum Goethe.

The office.

Candles burn.

It is raining outside the window.

Portraits of I. Goethe.

The plant takes root in the soil (time-lapse cinematography).

Waterfall on a mountain river.