Horizon № 46 (1988)

Newsreel №52528, 4 parts, duration: 0:34:14
Camera operators:P.Filimonov

Reel №1

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First part

Almanac leads Evgeny Ostashenko.

Plot I. Theater, painting, fresco.

E.Ostashenko in the hardware tells about the first plot of the almanac (sinhr.)

Tbilisi, autumn harvest festival.

An ancient church on the mountain.

The organ-grinder plays on a barrel organ surrounded by children.

The man is playing the pipe.

A young man in a national costume.

A boy and a girl are dancing Georgian dance, spectators are applauding.

The actors of the choreographic ensemble perform the national dance.

Artist N.Yu.

Ignatov among the participants of the festival.

Clay products for sale.

Cooks fry shish kebabs, prepare churchchel, bake lavash.

View of the city from the cable car.

A caravan rises to Mount Tatsminda.

View of Tbilisi from the mountain. N.Yu.

Ignatov in the cable car.

The streets of the Old City, rain, passers-by with umbrellas, passing cars.

A photograph of the fresco - the thesis of N.Yu.

Ignatov, later destroyed.

Sketches of scenery for the performance "Bloody Wedding" based on the play by Lorca - the second part of the diploma.

The house where the workshop of NY Ignatov is located.

The artist in his studio answers the questions of the director (sinhr.).

PNRM. By pictures, sketches of frescoes.

Fresco "Skomorokhi".

Fresco N.Yu.

Ignatov "My Georgia" on the wall of a cafe in Pitsunda.

Picture «My table».

Illustrations-illustrations for books.

Key words

Vocational education.
Amateur Art.
National life, holidays.
City transport.
Arts and crafts.

Reel №2

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The second part.


Ignatov tells about his work on illustrations for books (sync.), With students walking along the street of the Old City.

Young artists draw in the center of the city, next to them are the teacher of the monumental painting class of the Academy of Arts of Georgia N.Yu.


Sketches of NY Ignatov to theatrical scenery.

The building of the Drama Theater named after Shota Rustaveli, foyer of the theater.

The artist tells about his latest unfinished painting "Theater" (sinhr.).

Artist's workshop, PNRM. By the pictures.

Fresco NY Ignatova on the wall of the last station funicular "Dedication Pirosmani" (1972), PNRM. On a mural.

Reel №3

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The third part.


Ignatov at the sketch to a new list.

Plot 2. Bad apartment.

E. Ostashenko sits in the hardware room, tells about the second plot of the almanac, raising the issue of the creation in Moscow of the museum MA Bulgakov (sync.).

Summer, Moscow, cars leave the tunnel on the Garden Ring, the building of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Satire Theater.

The house on Sadovaya 302 bis, the courtyard of the house, the porch, the drawings depicting the heroes of the novel "The Master and Margarita", on the walls, stairs.

Actor V. Zolotukhin in the image of Koroviev climbs the stairs, talks about the writer's work (sinhr.), Stands in front of the door to the apartment in which lived Bulgakov.

Interiors of the apartment.

Actress E. Nikishchikhina, depicting Annushka, climbs the stairs to the apartment number 48.

Reel №4

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Fourth part.

PNRM. On premises of the organization located in "a bad apartment".

Scene from the "Master and Margarita" in the "bad apartment" (actors V. Zolotukhin and E. Nikishchikhina). V. Zolotukhin raises the question of creating a museum of Bulgakov MA Bulgakov (Sync.). "Annushka" washes the walls of the entrance. V. Zolotukhin reads the inscription on the wall, comments, invites everyone to the ball named after M. Bulgakov (sinhr.).

Members of the ball with burning candles climb the stairs.

House No. 302-bis on Sadovaya, in the foreground - traffic along the street

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