Horizon 1979 № 21

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Director: S.Rajtburt, Yu.Danilov

Operators: L.Ziljberg, P.Filipov

Reel №1

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First part.

1 st story.


Graphic portrait of a Russian doctor, artist, geographer and writer, participant of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. P.Ya.


View of the scroll-panorama of the pictorial diary of military events, imprinted by P. Ya.

Pisetsky. 80-meter scroll-panorama slowly unfolds.

Scrolls panoramas of P. Pisetsky in the Hermitage repository.

2-nd plot.



A student of one of the vocational schools in Baranovichi, Vitaly Petrovsky, in an autumn park, at home, making a model of an airplane.

Airplane models in the room.

The city of Leningrad.

The hydrofoil boat swims under the bridge.

The bridge across the river.

The Neva.

A cargo ship swims along the river.


Mechanisms and parts that drive the span structure of the bridge.

The mechanic of the drawbridge at work.

The cargo ship swims under the drawbridge.

Belarus. V.Petrovsky in the park in the spring. V.Petrovsky draws a diagram of the drawbridge in his home environment.

Vitaly in the workshop of the school works for the machine.

Key words

Painting. War of the 19th century. Museums. Vocational education (secondary). Cities, towns, villages. River and lake transport and road. Ingenuity. Literature. Biology. Archives. Trains. Time service.

Reel №2

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The second part.

Vitaly Petrovsky at work on the model of his model of a drawbridge.

The current breadboard model of V.Petrovsky's turning bridge is in operation.

A group of students at the school near the layout.

Type of author's certificate of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers on inventions and discoveries No. 6037 V.M. Petrovsky for the invention of the "Turning Bridge".

Vitaly in the sports hall of the school plays with the guys in volleyball.

3rd story.


Writer D.Granin tells about the life and activities of the hero of his story "This strange life" of the Russian biologist Alexander Alexandrovich Lyubishchev (synchronously).

D.Granin in the audience of Leningrad State University at the first meeting dedicated to the memory of AA Lyubishchev (photo).

Photo portraits of AA Lyubishchev for different years.

Photos from the family album of AA Lyubishchev.

The AA Lyubishchev Foundation in the archives of the Archives of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Collection of earthen fleas AA Lyubishchev. D. Granin reviews the scientific works of AA Lyubishchev in the reading room of the archive.

Diary of AA Lyubishchev.

Reel №3

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The third part.

D.Granin tells about the diary of AA Lyubishchev, about his time accounting system (synchronously).

Pages from the diary of AA Lyubishchev with daily records of time.

A clockwork mechanism in operation.

Ancient clock in which instead of a pendulum - a statuette of a girl on a swing.

Pedestrians pass the roadway of the street.

The light of the traffic light flashes.

Different types of city clocks.

A man is carrying a floor clock on his back during the crossing of the street.

Watchmaker at work in the watchmaker's workshop.

Yellow leaves on the asphalt.

A two-storey log building.

Interior room AA Lyubishchev.

A desk and workbooks AA Lyubishchev.

D.Granin tells about the scientific activity of AA Lyubishchev (synchronously).

Frog, grasshopper (

Photo portraits of AA Lyubishchev for different years.

AA Lyubishchev with colleagues in the laboratory (synchronously).

AA Lyubishchev with his wife and children (photo).

A view from the window of a compartment of a passenger train.

A glass with tea on the table in the compartment.

D.Granin in the reading room of the archive looks through the diary of AA Lyubishchev.

Reel №4

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Fourth part.

Writer D. Granin talks about the works of AA Lyubishchev on literature and philosophy, on his article devoted to frosty patterns, on the evaluation of the works of AA Lyubishchev by his colleagues (synchronously).

The inscription on the folder with the documents: "Archive of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The Lyubishchev Alexander Alexandrovich Foundation. "

AA Lyubishchev with his grandson in his arms, with colleagues, in his office (photo).

Cabinet A. A. Lyubishchev.

Cacti on the window.