Horizon № 21 (1976)

Newsreel №52542, 6 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:M.Tavrog, T.Plotnikov, V.Popova, A.Mironov
Camera operators:E.Potievskij, P.Filimonova, T.Alejnikov, S.Suprun
Other authors:Zvukooperator A.Romanov

Reel №1

kinoalmonah consists of 4 subjects:

1 story tale about wind.

Landscape: sunrise over the pond.

Cuckoo cuckoo (sinhr.).

A field with flowers.

A fisherman fishing rod fishing in the river, sitting in a boat.

Stretching from the NDP "HELLO PARTICIPANTS Look", a brass band plays (sinhr.), followed by people in the street of a town.

Strong wind blowing in the field, forest in the city.

The wind escape from the yard people, two buggies roll on the pavement, fly sheets.

Staging: the wind blows on the boy from the sky.

Scenery: sea waves beating against the shore, the ships at sea.

Sails revolve from strong winds.

Clouds in the sky.

Thunder (sinhr.).

Boy under an umbrella in the field.

Sprouts flowers grow through the ground.

Disclosed buds (time-lapse photography).

Dandelion seeds fly across the meadow from the wind.

A boy carries a kite on the street.

Staging: a strong wind blows over the houses.

A boy flies a kite caught in the air.

Landscape: the moon reflected in the river.

Dramatization: boy says goodbye to the wind.


MLTP: newsreel leading puppet turtle Tortilla talks about wind (sinhr.).

2 plot.

Our Pushkin.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.

Mikhailovskoye village in Pskov region, patrimony Hannibal - Pushkin.

View from Savkina slides, birch over Soroti.

Savkina mountain.

Windmill near Mikhailovsky (landscape).


Birds fly over the nests in the forest (withdrawn from the bottom point).

The State Museum of AS Pushkin: the interiors of the house babysitting.


Children's drawings on different tales of Pushkin in the halls of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

PNRM. on the drawings.

3 For what the story-nothing.

Magician shows focus on chicken.

Laboratory experience: chicken standing on foam covered glass beaker immersed in an aquarium with water.

Air exits from the nozzle.

The chicken is dry.

Fish swim in an aquarium.


PNRM. the clearing in the woods.

Pilot before the flight wears a special suit that preserves its internal pressure pilot, takes the unit, which serves under the helmet fresh air.

Laboratory experience: PNRM. for light bulbs.

Venting of the bulbs with a special apparatus.

Bulb included.

Manufacturing process of Christmas tree Christmas balls.

Delivery process telegrams telegraph: Telegram piped unloaded in a special box.

Workers tuck them in metal cartridges, is lowered into the pipe, from which air is evacuated.

Telegrams are moving through the pipes to the telegrapher.

Snail in the foliage.

A woman attaches a bar of soap to kitchen tiled with rubber suckers, hangs in the grid vegetables to suckers.

Carrying telescopes with special suckers in the shop of one of the plants.

Man lifts from the ground air balloon inflated truck tire in the territory of one of the machine-building plants.

Trucks leave the gates of the plant.

Passengers escape from the burning ship, with a special bale zhatym air from which inflated liferaft.

Laboratory experiments with compressed air using a rubber ball, rubber hose, cigarettes and sulfur.

Ship floating in the sky.


Athlete under the dome of a parachute flies in the air.

Submariner scuba dives under the water.

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in space.

Landscape: PNRM. by woods and fields.

4th plot We are sailing under sail.


Forest river in the foreground - a field with flowers.


Birds sing (sinhr.).


The boy has a dream: his friends sit in ambush in the reeds, throw him a loop playing Indians.

Boy wakes up around his friends.

Detachment "water" consists of several students on a journey on a raft along the Volga.

Children talking on a raft, sing songs about nature (sinhr.), overcome the rapids, cook over a campfire.

Animation on the theme of nature.

NDP on the notebook sheet "DAWN JUNE 25 TEAM" water "proceed to the assignment."

Team members "water" moving river in the forest, searching for dozens of unknown creeks and streams flowing into the Volga, to map them to the data have helped scientists to build a dam and reservoir.

Children Rodnichki clearing in the woods, singing a song about fontanelle (sinhr.) on a raft sailing.

The water flow of the river.

Insects in the grass.

Heron in a swamp.

Rabbits, calves, squirrel in the woods.

NDP on a piece of paper: "TODAY IN MISSION CRITICAL DAY. Begin operation "Ant."

From the results of this operation depends forest life. "

Boys and looking at an ant hill in the woods.

One of them sings a song about the ant (sinhr.).

Ants and fungi closeup shot.

Detachment "water" lowered the sail on a raft (night mode).

Team members "water" eat around the campfire.

MLTP participant hike Anya reads a letter from the parents (behind the scenes).

PNRM. on the field with flowers.

Boys mow the grass, herbs collected in the field, sing a song (sinhr.) set fire to an effigy on the river bank, dancing around the bonfire (evening shot).

Children's drawings on the theme of environmental protection.

Key words

Protection of nature and environment.
Out of school education.
Automotive industry.
Glass industry.

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