Health 1985 № 70

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
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Director: Babayan A., Boldireva L., Burimskij A., Guljchuk N., Uljyanov A.

Operators: Aleksanyan M., Ropejko V., Chukovskij E., Chumakov G.

Text writers: Leonidov P.

Other authors: Kemarskaya G., Oreshina N., Skorospeshkin A., Yarovinskij M.


1. "On the 40th anniversary of the Great Victory. Front of mercy. " 2. "Helpers of heart." 3. "Dangerous Games. 4. "Rhythms of courage."

Medicine | Health

Reel №1

1. On the 40th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Front mercy.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: An explosion in the field are the tanks.

Soldiers crawling on the snow in camouflage overalls.

Medics put the wounded on a stretcher.

Medic head bandage the wounded.

The wounded are placed in the scraper out of the boat.

Orderly takes away the wounded from the battlefield.

The soldiers fire back, thundering explosions.

The girl's head bandage the wounded.

Medics take out the wounded from the battlefield, in a boat pulled by dogs.

Delivery of the wounded to the field hospital.

The soldiers are making to the field hospital stretcher, doctors provide first aid to the wounded.

The surgeon makes an operation.

Medics carry stretcher through the forest.

Cleaning carts.

On the road going trucks.

The wounded were loaded on the plane.

Landing on the train.

The building, which houses the hospitals.

City Clinical Hospital в„– 1 named after NI Pirogov (First Gradskaya).

Doctors consider the X-rays.

Burdenko wears a bathrobe.

Surgeons operations.

War memorial in the courtyard of the hospital.

Memorial "Defenders of Moscow" in Kryukovo.

Moscow regional hospital for war veterans.

The doctor examines the patient.

Doctors consider the X-rays.

Computed tomography.

Patients on the procedures.

Girls pass through the courtyard of the hospital.

War memorial in the yard.

2. Assistants heart.

A man's heart monitor.

Animation: the circulatory system.

The patient made an electrocardiogram.

ECG printout.

Animation: work venous pump.

Doctors checking tools. N.I.Arinchin with a colleague.

There is an operation.

The results of experiments.

The doctor creates an artificial circulation for a single muscle.

Animation: scheme of natural and artificial circulation, muscle contraction.

Examination of the patient on gemomiodinamografe.

Doctor shows the patient after myocardial needed exercise.

The patient on the unit intramuscular stimulation activity.

The patient performs exercises for the legs.

Cardiomonitor belt patient.

Line heartbeat on the monitor.

Patients are swimming in the pool.


People walk in the park.

Group jogging.

3. Dangerous Games.

The child throws from the cabinet box with sewing accessories.

Scattered on the floor thread, needles, scissors.

Children on the street playing snowballs.

Boys Vechta sticks.

The child runs, stumbles and falls.

The street going ambulances.

MRI Eye Diseases Helmholtz.

The surgeon makes an operation.

The doctor checks the child's vision.

Children's surgical department, a group of recovering from operations.

Children playing with safe toys.

House children indulge at lunch, a boy teasing a girl with a fork.

Mother calms children.

The woman closes the case with dangerous products.

Household chemical goods on the shelves.

Basket with knitting.

Young mothers with strollers on the walk.

Children ride a roller coaster.

A dog on a leash.

Those women.

4. Rhythms vigor.

On the TV show of rhythmic gymnastics group lesson.

Woman practicing at home under the TV program.

Children imitate adults.

Patients on exercise bikes in the office of physical therapy.

The doctor checks the pulse of a patient with a stopwatch.

Measuring blood pressure.

The doctors discuss the results of the survey.

The instructor conducts classes for beginners.

After a few exercises people check for a pulse.

Women go to the table and record the results.

Doctors check the results of surveys.

Examination of the patient.

Classes of rhythmic gymnastics.


NN Burdenko - Surgeon, soldier, Colonel-General of Medical Service, policy makers, the founder of Soviet neurosurgery chief Red Army surgeon, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, academician and the first president of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Honorary Member of the Royal Society of Surgeons and the Paris Academy of Surgery, Hero of Socialist Labor.
Arinchin NI - Cardiologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR, the public figure.




Moscow region



World War II