Buddhists in the Soviet Union. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Topanov G.


The film is about life of Buddhists in the Soviet Union.

Temporary description

The film is based on the order of the Spiritual Directorate of Buddhists in the Soviet Union. Buryatia. Lake Baikal. Boats on the lake. Ulan-Ude. Types of streets and buildings. Traffic, pedestrians. International Friendship Club. Pedagogical University. Students in the classroom. Integrated Research Institute of the Siberian Branch of the USSR. Scientists, historians, philosophers at work: PI Hadalov, Pubaev, K. M. Gerasimov, G. Rumyantsev. Ancient manuscripts, written monuments of Buddhist culture. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Professor VR Filippov operations. Opera and Ballet Theater. A fragment of the ballet "Beauty Angara. Dancing L. Sakhyanovoy. Production processes at parovozovagonnom plant Petrovsko-Transbaykal Metallurgical Plant. Turner BS Butz at work in the home. Borgoysky livestock farm. A herd of fine-wool sheep in the pasture. Chaban, B. Daban at work. Preparation of agricultural aviation aircraft for the flight. Plane in the air. Apartment collective farmer. Family at the table. Boy vacuumed the carpet. Ivolginsky temple. The head of the Buddhists of the USSR Bandido-lama Yeshi Dorji Sharapov tells the story of the temple (synchronously), is preparing for worship. The solemn liturgy "Gandan-Hural. Threshing floor-Ozersky temple. Agin temple. The abbot of the temple Did Lama Jambal-Dorji Gomboev. Liturgy Buddhists on the hill near the village of Tarsurhay. Rite "About". Buddhist temple in the city of Leningrad. Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow. Sculptural images of Buddha. 1955. Interview, Prime Minister of Union of Burma, U-well with Khamba Lama Darmaevym. 1956. Meeting Cambodia's Prince Norodom Sihanouk with Bandido Khamba Lama Sharapova. 1958. Buddhist priest of Ceylon, a fighter for peace Sarankara Thera in the Kremlin. 1959. Visiting President of the World Fellowship of Buddhists and the President of the Nepal Buddhist Society Dharmodaya Sabha "bikhu Amritananda. Meeting bikhu Amritananda with Khamba Lama Sharapova, seen goose-Ozersk temple Kolkhoz Thalmann. Reception in honor of Bikhu Amritanda in the restaurant "Prague" city of Moscow. Among those present: George Roerich, [A. I. Sofronov]. 1959. Getting married in a registrar's office of Moscow's daughter Ambassador of Ceylon Malala Sequera anomalies with Mr. Dudley. A wedding reception at the Embassy of Ceylon. Among those present: VA Zorin, N. Roerich, Khamba Lama Sharapov. Buryatia. 1959. Celebrations in honor of 300 years of voluntary occurrence of Buryatia in the USSR. Sports festival at the stadium. The competitions in archery. Personnel chronicles. Buryatia. Women in yurts in the yurt, at work. She feeds the children, drinking tea.

Reel №1

Map of the USSR, the Buryat Autonomous Republic, Chita region, the Kalmyk Autonomous Republic, the Tuva autonomous republic.

Landscapes southern Siberia - LS. (Summer and winter).


Elista - the capital of Kalmykia - LS.

Mountains of grain on the threshing floor, loading grain cars.

Corn harvesting combine - LS., MS.

Grain harvesting combine in the fields of the Kalmyk ASSR.

Coniferous forest landscapes of the Buryat ASSR - MS., LS. (Winter).

A large flock of sheep in a pasture at the foot of the mountains - LS. (Autumn).

A herd of cattle in the pasture.

Lake Baikal - PNRM., LS.

Fishermen Buryats, men and women on the bank pulled out of the water network.

Fishermen in boats on the lake - LS.

Newsreel of the 1920's.:

Buryat yurt, a poor household utensils in the yurt.

The poor conditions in the tent.

A woman prepares food for the family.

Family dinner.


Woman hand handles animal skin - CU.

Camp of nomadic herders - LS.

Contemporary city

Ulan-Ude - LS.

Green Street.

Bus passes on a city street.

Pupils Buryatia on summer vacation in a camp - different. (Summer).

Pioneers engaged in "international friendship club" organized by children under the guidance of teachers.

Square in the center of Ulan-Ude - LS.

Residents of the city are going to the cinema - MS.

Students engaged in laboratory Buryats Physics and Mathematics of the Pedagogical Institute in Ulan-Ude.

Modern buildings in Ulan-Ude - LS.

Scientists Buryat Integrated Research Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR for document collaboration.

Ph.D. in Philosophy PI Hadalov, Buddhist, Ph.D. KM Gerasimov, researcher - Tibetologist Pubaev the work at the institute.

Professor G. Rumyantsev reads rare manuscript Ganzhur - Tripitaka in Mongolian.

Ancient Buddhist manuscript.

Buryat scientist - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor VR Filippov with assistants conducts scientific work, operates animal.

Building of Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ulan-Ude - LS., MS.

A scene from the ballet composers Buryat Bau Yampilova and Knipper "Beauty Angara" with the participation of the People's Artist of the Republic of Larissa Sakhyanovoy (synchronously).

Buryat-car locomotive factory - MS.

Workers check the status of the Buryats locomotive.

Locomotives out of the shop - LS.

Peter-hearth plant Transbaikal steel plant - MS.

Steelmakers in the shop at work.

The spill began - LS., MS.

Turner locomotive rolling plant Batuev at home in the new comfortable apartment.

A flock of sheep in the pasture.

Shepherd Borgoyskoy farm Hero of Socialist Labor Baldan Dabaev talking with other shepherds.

Reel №2

Processing corn seedlings special machine and the tractor.

Prepare aircraft for chemical processing fields.

Aircraft pollinating fields - LS.

Men poured seeds into planter.

Sowing of grain drills.

New wooden house in the Buryat village farmers - PNRM.

Farmer's family in a new house.

Receiver "Record", the phone in the house farmer.

The boy cleans a carpet cleaner.

Icon and religious objects in the house of Buryatia.

Buddhist chapel on the outskirts of the village.

The head of the Buddhists of the Soviet Union Bandido Hambo Lama Yeshi Dorjee Sharapov clothes before worship.

Gusinoozerskoye Buddhist temple - different.

Ivolginsky Buddhist temple, built in 1945-1946.

Sharapov says Buddhist temples (synchronously).

Thousand Buddha statue in the temple Ivolginsky - MS.

Agin Buddhist temple in the Chita region - LS.

Sharapov Didom Hambo Lama Dorji Zhambai Gomboev - First Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of the Buddhists, the abbot of the Buddhist temple Agin - in Ivolginsky temple.

Leningrad - LS. (Summer).

Leningrad Buddhist temple, built in the years 1905-1914. - Different.

A museum Eastern cultures - LS.

A sign of the museum - CU.

Visitors to the museum visiting monuments of Buddhist culture.

Fugen Bodhisattva statue, the work of Japanese artists XII century - CU.

The figure of Buddha Amitabha in the XV. - The work of Japanese artists in wood.

The bronze statue of the Buddha - the work of Indian craftsmen XII century.

Russian translation of an ancient Buddhist monument "Dzhammapadu» - CU.

Landscapes of Buryatia - LS. (Spring).

Buddhists worship - "About" on the open nature of the village near Tasurhay: the rite of men, women and children.

The solemn service "Tandan-Hur" in Ivolginsky Buddhist temple, which takes place annually in the spring.

Sharapov committed worship, praying in the temple and in the neighborhood.

PHOTOGRAPH IV-Fourth World Buddhist Conference in Kathmandu, where they participated Soviet delegation Buddhists.

Photo: Soviet Buddhists in the 2,500 th anniversary celebrations of the Buddha in India, Buddhists in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Burma, Ceylon - MS.

Reel №3

Buryat Buddhists meet Vice-President of the World Fellowship of Buddhists and the president of the Nepal Buddhist Society "Dharmodaya Sabha" bikhu Amritananda.

Guests are greeted in the Nepalese Ivolginsky Buddhist temple head USSR Bandido Hambo Lama Sharapov.

Amritananda blesses the faithful in the church.

Believers meet Nepalese guest Gusinoozerskoye temple.

Amritananda the Buryat collective farm.

Telman talking to a collective farm chairman and board members attend school where Buryat children visiting the family farmer-Buryat.


Ulan-Ude - LS., PNRM.

Bikhu Amritananda accompanied Sharapova at the Research Institute.

Deputy Director of the Institute, Professor Makeev presents the visitor past editions of the Buryat scholars.

Bandido Hambo Lama Sharapov Amritananda presents a gift apparel Lama.

Komsomolskaya Square in Moscow - LS.

Lunch at the restaurant "Prague" in honor of Lama Amritananda.

At dinner there - Chairman of the Council for Religious Affairs, the Council of Ministers of the USSR Puzin, Soviet scientists, Buddhist and cultural figures.

Amritananda a speech at the reception (synchronously).

Moscow Kremlin - LS.



Buddhist priest from Ceylon, winner of the International Lenin Peace Prize Saranankara Thera in the Soviet Union.


Prime Minister of the Union of Burma, U Nu in the Soviet Union speaks with Bandido Hambo Lama Nyima Lubsan Darmaevym.


A friendly meeting Bandido Hambo Lama Sharapova with Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia Narodomom to visit the Soviet Union.


Marrying the daughter of Ambassador of Ceylon in Malalasekera USSR in Moscow in 1959: Ahn married a Dudley.

Detect anomalies and Dudley marriage registry office in Moscow.

Ceylon Embassy building in Moscow -

Wedding anomie and Dudley in Ceylon Embassy to Buddhist tradition: young couple bless lamas led Bandido Hambo Lama Sharapova.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Zorin congratulate the newlyweds.

SM Budyonny Buddhologist Roerich and others among the guests.


Ulan-Ude - PNRM.

Traditional celebrations in Ulan-Ude on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the voluntary entry of Buryatia in the Russian state.

The final concert of the decade of the Buryat Art and Literature in Moscow.

The audience applauded.

KE Voroshilov, AI Mikoyan, EA Furtseva, FR Kozlov, MA Suslov and others in the government box Bolshoi.

Buryat artists presented with flowers to the party and the Soviet state.