Fernand Leger and his time. (1977)

Documentary №52560, 6 parts, duration: 0:56:19
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Ya. Mirimova
Screenwriters:Dubenskaya L.; Bokje Zh.
Camera operators:V. Kolyushev, D. Masurenkov, V. Sidorov, V. Galkin


A film about the life and work of the famous French artist F. Leger.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of the first half of 1950: French painter F. Leger in the studio at work.

Leger painting.

Leger's face.

Detail of the painting.

Léger in the workshop completes the picture.

Alive in the Tomb Leger-sur-Yvette.

Mosaic on the tombstone.

Fragments of the mosaic, grave Leger.

General view of the central part of Paris.

House leger in Alive-sur-Yvette.

Leger's widow - Nadia Khodasevich sit at a table on which lay a photo.

Face Khodasevich.

Khodasevich looked at pictures.

Photos Leger and Khodasevich.

Face Khodasevich.

Khodasevich holding a picture Leger, sitting at a table with photographs.

Photos Leger.

Flowers in the garden House leger, a general view of the house.

Rural landscapes of Normandy (synchronous sound memories Leger).

Village houses.

Photos Leger at home with loved ones.

Pointer directions to the museum "The farm Leger."

General view of the farm buildings with murals.

Leger works exhibited in the museum.

Mosaic on the outside wall.

House with exhibited works Leger.

The mosaic pattern on the wall.

Rural landscape.

Photo Leger in 1900.

Photos of streets and squares of Paris of the early 20th century.

Photograf Leger.

French Impressionist paintings.

The picturesque portrait of the artist Paul Cezanne.

The paintings of Cezanne.

Key words



Fernand Leger - French painter, sculptor

Calendar: 1950s

Locations: France [77]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

House in Paris under the name of "Beehive", where in 1905 he lived Leger.

View courtyard garden.

Panorama house wall.

General view of the house.

Photos Leger early 20th century.

Early pictures of Leger.

Fragments Leger painting "Nude in the woods."

Leger paintings, fragments of paintings.

Leger painting "July 14".

The painting, depicting the storming of the Bastille.

Fragments of the painting.

Leger painting "July 14".

The decree on the mobilization in France in 1914.

Photos mobilized and French soldiers leaving for the front.

Newsreel 1914-1916 years: a division of the French army is on the streets of Paris.


The explosions of shells.

English heavy tank.

Fires heavy artillery.

Tank obstacle.

Infantry rises out of the trenches to attack.

German machine-gun crew.

French gunners firing.

Gunners charge heavy gun.

Photos of French soldiers.

Drawings made by Leger on the front.

Fragments Leger painting "Playing Cards".

Photo soldiers' cemetery.

Newsreel of 1918-1919: the people on the streets of Paris dismantle newspaper.

People greet the returning troops.

Game footage from x / film "October": the storming of the Winter Palace.

The text of the appeal "To the Citizens of Russia".

Waving a red flag.

Photos of the Congress of the French socialists in the Tour, the performance M. Cachin

Newsreel 1920: working factory machinery (alternating with geometric fragments of paintings Leger.

Fragments of paintings Leger.

Calendar: 1914-1916 1918-1919

Locations: Paris [850] France [77]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fragments of paintings Leger.

Photo Leger written next to a picture of them.

Fragments of paintings Leger beginning of the 1920s.

Photo Leger among his works.

Fragments of still lifes and other paintings by Léger.

Photo Leger with palette in hand.

Photo artist's hand holding a paintbrush.

Fragments of "Suite of contrasting fabrics," Leger.

Courtyard house, entrance doors.

Photos Leger with his disciples.

Newsreel, 1936: Nazi Party Congress in Munich.

View of the stadium in Munich.

Photos of A. Hitler

Photo Nazi rally in France.

The newspaper of the Communist Party of France "L'Humanite".

Newsreel, 1936: Rally in support of the Popular Front.

Photos of demonstrations in support of the Popular Front.

Newsreel 1936: demonstration in support of the Popular Front in the streets of Paris.

Photos leaders of the Popular Front and demonstrations in his support.

Photo Leger, drawing a sitting at the table.

Leger paintings of the second half of the 1930s, their fragments.

Leger painting "Composition with parrots."

Newsreel, 1936: Hitler of the floor.

Falling bombs.

The explosions on the ground during the war in Spain.

Marching Nazi stormtroopers.

German soldiers marching.


Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1936

Locations: Paris [850] France [77] Munich [872]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The bas-reliefs of the faces arches buildings.

Newsreel 1939: The Luftwaffe bombed Polish cities.

People climb into the truck.

People fleeing to the shelter.

Refugees are on the road.

Photos domestic species studio Leger.

Newsreel, 1940: German army enters Paris.

He rides the horse artillery.

German cavalry moves in the town square.

Playing a German military band.

A German officer looks through binoculars at Notre Dame.

Ad text occupation administration.

Newsreel 1941: German bombers in the air.

Tanks and infantry moving on the road.

Veda Soviet artillery fire during the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943.

German prisoners of war at Stalingrad.

The text of the proclamation of the liberation of Paris in 1944.

Construction Photos Parisians barricades during the uprising in 1944.

Photos of combat episodes of the uprising.

Newsreel 1944: the inhabitants of Paris welcomed the Allied forces.

General de Gaulle is on the Champs-Elysees.

People greet De Gaulle.

Jubilant people on the streets and squares of Paris.

Fighting in Berlin in April-May 1945.

Soviet guns firing.

Burn Brandenburg Gate.

Soviet soldiers hoisting the Victory Banner over the Reichstag.

Soviet soldiers captured throw fascist banners at the foot of the mausoleum during the Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow on June 24, 1945.

Trophy banners at the foot of the mausoleum.

Fragments Leger sketches for the painting dedicated to the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad.

View of the sculptures on the Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd.

Photos memorials Khatyn, Buhevalde, Brest Fortress, France.

View of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, flying the French flag.

July Column at the Place de la Bastille.

Types Louvre, Pont Alexandre III, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Sobra.

Book and vegetable shops in Paris.

Flower shop on the streets of Paris.

One of the Parisian cafe.

Photo Leger, sitting in an outdoor cafe.

House in Paris on number 86.

Postwar photographs Leger.

Photos Leger in the workshop.

The post-war painting Leger.

Photo Leger in the workshop.

Paintings Leger.


Charles De Gaulle - French statesman and politician

Calendar: 1939-1941 1943-1945

Locations: Moscow [820] Paris [850] Poland [177] Stalingrad [947] Berlin [821]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo Leger.

Pictures of David JL Photo Leger at work.

Paintings Leger.

The church, whose walls are painted Leger.

The modern church building.

Interior view of the church.

Church stained glass windows by Leger.

Buildings Churches.

Stained glass windows in the churches started by Leger.

Stained glass in the Moscow House of Cinema, based on sketches made Leger.

Fragments of stained glass.

Fragments of stained-glass windows created by Leger.

Photo Leger in the studio while working on one of the stained-glass windows.

Fragments of one of the pictures Leger.

Figures Leger to works of Mayakovsky.

Fragments of paintings Leger.

Leger painting "Builders" (synchronous sounds P. Eluard's poem text in French).

The arrival of a circus tent in a provincial town.

Children at the circus.

Clowns grimiruyutsya front of the mirror.

Fragments Leger painting "The Big Parade", dedicated to the circus.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fragments Leger painting "The Big Parade".

Leger paintings devoted to the circus.

Photo empty studio Leger.

Photo wives Leger - Nadi.

Photos Leger in his later years (synchronous sound memories Nadia Leger).

Photo Nadia Leger.

Photos of the construction of the museum in the south of France Leger.

Photo of the museum Leger.

Photo Leger's widow in front of the museum. panorama of the museum with the picture Leger on the facade.

A sculptural piece of the picture Leger in the museum.

General view of the museum building.

View of the facade of the museum building with a fragment of the picture Leger.

The lobby of the museum, the paintings on the walls Leger on the ground floor.

Paintings and sculptures Leger exhibited in the museum.

Visitors to the museum.

People in the museum looking picture.

Nadia Leger says museum visitors about the work of her husband.

People view the paintings.

The face of the museum visitor, discussing one of the paintings.

People move from one picture to another.

Stained-glass window on one wall of the museum.

The guide tells visitors about the work of Leger.

The girl's face.

Children draw, sitting and lying on the floor.

General view of the museum building and surrounding areas (above).

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