Masters of the Dagestanian Art in Moscow.. (1960)

Film-document №5332 2 parts, Duration: 0:16:31, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Podgoreckaya O.

Operators: Monglovskiy U., Khavchin A.


On the Decade of the Dagestanian Art held in Moscow in April 1960.

Temporary description

Film about ten days of literature and art of Dagestan in Moscow. City of Moscow. Great Hall of the Conservatory. Symphony Orchestra performs (synchronous) product of M. Kazhlaeva Dagestan. Conducts author. Piano Duet Magomedova Rodionova and performs work GA Gasanov (synchronously). Sings R. Hajiyev (synchronously). Remarks by the Song and Dance Ensemble of Dagestan. Ensemble performs (synchronously) Avaric dance. Ensemble "Lezghinka" performs dance "Lezghinka, Avar dance on the tightrope walkers aul 'Tsovkra" dance "sewers". The final concert of the decade. The choir and orchestra performed a song about Lenin (synchronously). Members of the Government in the box, applaud. Among them: AI Mikoyan, EA Furtseva, MA Suslov, Voroshilov, Shvernik, AN Kosygin. Fragments of performances Lak, Lezgian, Avar, Kumyk, Russian Drama Theater (synchronously). Plays "In his home village", "Sulak-witness," "Heart Friends", "Goryanka" (R. Gamzatova), "Under the tree" (G. Rustamov). Cast actors: Ibragimov, Ibragimov, Atagishieva, Kazimagomedova. Applauding audience in the theater. R. Gamzatov welcomes actors. Posters on the performance of the theater, ensembles, book exhibition on the streets of Moscow. Landscapes of Dagestan. Mt. Waterfall. Mountain River. Shepherds with flocks of sheep. Gen. residents mountain village. Speech rope-walker village Tsovkra.

Reel №1

The mountain peaks in the clouds.

Waterfall in the mountains.

The mountain river in the valley and in the valley.

Shepherd with a flock of sheep.

Shepherds campfire sing a song (evening).

A woman pours a pitcher of water.

Speak several Dagestani women.

Aul by a woman with a pitcher.

Mountain village - LS.

In the mountains, is a high-voltage power line.

The Kremlin and the Kremlin theater.

Hall of the theater with the audience.

The hall pass members decade in national costumes.

On stage, playing dance group - LS., MS.

House of Unions (facade) - MS.

Monument to Alexander Ostrovsky at the Maly Theater - MS.

The emblem of the Dagestan decade - MS.

Posters presentations Dagestani artists.

Ibragimov actress and actor Ibragimov - CU.

Artist Atagishieva and Kazimagomedova - CU.

A scene from the play "Sulak witness performed Lezgin theater.

A scene from the comedy Aliyev "in his native village of" staged Lak theater.

A scene from the play "Heart Friends" Zulfukarovyh playwrights.

A scene from the play Gamzatova "Mountain Girl."

Assiyat - Artist Mamaev - CU.

A scene from the comedy Rustamov "wood" performed by artists kumykskogo theater.

In the role Mekerhan - People's Artist of the USSR Varma Muradova.

Meeting with representatives of the Muscovites Dagestani literature.

The presidium of the writers and poets of Dagestan.

Applauds Gamzatov Rasul and others.

Orchestra conductor Kozhlaevu presented with flowers.

Congratulate the group of actors and presented with flowers.

The shop of the plant "Stankolit" artists and bands of the State Song and Dance Company of Daghestan, "Avar dance" performed Mataeva and Manahovoy.

Applaud workers.

In the Great Hall of the Conservatory Symphony Orchestra performs under Murat Kazhlaeva, marks the passage of the symphony, "Dagestan" (composer M.Kazhlaev).

Conductor and orchestra bows.

Reel №2

Soloists Orchestra - MS.

Performed "Lezghinka" (synchronous).

Cheering in the hall - LS., MS.

Magamedova pianist and radio performing piano duo Hasanov (synchronously).

Female hands on the keys.

Sing the song Ragimat Hajiyev (synchronously).

The ensemble performs a dance dedicated to the famous tightrope walkers from the village Tsovkra.

Against the sky stands a tightrope walker.

In the village Tsovkra in the open air are the tightrope walkers (summer).

Group of rope led Abakarova Gadzhinurbanova and acts in the Moscow circus.

Residents of the village Kasumket jumps.

The legs of horses.

Performances by drummers.

Operate in an open area carpet - LS., MS.

Against the background of the village Kubachi chasers work on metal.

Products Kubachi chasers against a carpet - MS., CU.

Women's Group of the ensemble "Lezghinka" performs the dance "Vylivalschitsy" (synchronous).

Carpet with the image of Lenin.

Bone carving portrait of Lenin.

On the stage of the mountain appears decorative sculpture of Lenin.

The choir performs a song about Lenin (synchronously).

The final concert of the decade there are leaders of the CPSU and the Soviet government.

Mikoyan, Shvernik, Mikhail Suslov, Voroshilov.

NG Ignatov, EL Furtseva, AB Aristov NA Mukhitdinov and others.

Applaud the members of the government and members of the concert.