"Argus" is searching for (1970)

Documentary №53671, 2 films, duration: 0:17:37
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:B.Gennings, O.Lebedev
Screenwriters:S.Klumov, Gorin


The study of ocean resources on research vessel "Argus". A research expedition exploring the underwater wealth of the ocean.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Stormy sea.

Seagulls over the water.

An iceberg is floating on the sea.

The height of winter in the Southern Ocean.

Ice sludge.

View of the scientific vessel "Argus" from the ocean.

The route taken by the ship before arriving in Antarctica.

Scientists take water samples from the depths of the ocean.

Alternating frames in which scientists are engaged in various studies.

The engine compartment of the vessel.

Seagull over the ship.

Arrival in Montevideo.

Panorama of the port.

Views of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

The ship is sailing south.

The navigator plots a course.

Sunset over the ocean.

Scientists are taking evening measurements.

Meeting with the ship "Academician Knepovich".

Scientists exchange information.

The ship "Academician Knepovich" is going home.

The Falkland Islands.

Flightless wild ducks.

Blue-eyed cormorants.

Panorama of Port Stanley.

Monument to whalers.

The nature of the Falklands.

Greenhouses and vegetable gardens of Falklands residents.

Alternating frames with views of the capital.

Residents of Port Stanley.

The ship continues on its way.

Fine ice.

Penguins run on such ice.

After conducting research, the Argus turned north.

Scientific trawling.

Cape pigeons are circling over the water.

Close-up of the Cape pigeon.

The first trawl is empty and torn.

The sailors are repairing the trawl.

Scientists examine the bottom on the tape of the device.

Echo sounder readings - no fish.

The second trawl came out damaged, but with a catch.

The enumeration of fish species in the trawl is accompanied by a demonstration of these species in the aquarium.

Antarctic crab.

An exotic type of fish is the white-blooded pike.

All fish have red blood, and pike has white.


This area was chosen for study because the biological activity of these waters is very high.

Scientists are conducting chemical analyses of the waters of this area.

Plankton sample.

Dolphins Grinds.

Hydrologists measure the temperature at various depths.

Studies show that large accumulations of fish are possible here.

Scientists are moving to slow trawling.

Full trawl on the ship.

A large accumulation of commercial fish nototenia.

The scientists' predictions were confirmed.

Mass measurements of fish by ichthyologists.

Scientists are tagging fish to find out the migration paths of fish in the ocean.

Fishing vessels approached the place of work of the scientific vessel.

Forecasters warn of a storm.

Scientists warn fishing vessels.

Argus divers are helping to repair the propeller of one of the fishing vessels.

The scientific vessel is heading north along the slope of the continental shelf.

Dolphins swim in front of the ship.

Sea elephants are resting on the shelf facing the land.

Penguins are swimming.

The ship's echo sounder captures a large accumulation of marine organisms.

Trawling will tell you what kind of animals they are.

A trawl full of fish.

Ichthyologists work with fish.

Engineers, fish miners, pick up trawls with such cells that do not catch juveniles.

Technologists have prepared trial canned food from the caught fish.

Scientists together with sailors discuss the prospects of the area in terms of catching fish.

To answer this question accurately, we need to continue working.

Argus is searching for fish areas of the ocean.

Key words

Scientific work.

Locations: Uruguay [235] Falkland Islands (Malvinas) [74] Antarctica [9]


Scientific vessel "Argus".

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