Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)

Footage №53690, 10 footages, duration: 1:14:03

Scene №1 Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War

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Troops go to the front of the parade with the November 7, 1941 Trucks with soldiers passing on Manezh Square.

Directions trucks on Tverskaya.

Poster "The Motherland Calls" on the building.

The text of the oath of allegiance on the leaflet attached to the wall of the house.

Poster "Be a hero" on the building.

Pass the townspeople hours.


Cavalry units pass by the Philharmonic Hall, on the 1st Tverskaya.

Passing trucks.

Horses in the back of a truck.

People at the cinema "Art".



Tverskaya Street after rain.

Traffic on area Belosrusskaya, at the Philharmonic.

People are in a tram.

Drives a crowded tram, people hanging on the steps and footboards.

Passing convoy of government vehicles.

Trolley bus passes by the Bolshoi Theater.

Panorama on Moss Street.

Sentinels are on the streets.

Poster of the movie "The Day of the war."

Pushkin Square Pushkin monument, traffic on Tverskaya Street in the background.

Calendar: 1941-1945

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Scene №2

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Spasskaya Tower.

Balloons in the air.

Balloon at the Pushkin monument.

Aircraft over Moscow.

Hour on horseback passing on the Kremlin embankment, past the mausoleum.

Column of soldiers passes along the waterfront.

People listen to Stalin's speech on the radio (on the streets, factories, in the courtyards of houses, etc .; in Russia, Central Asia, civil, military).

Fighter shoots (filmed from the window of a fighter).

Bombers in the air.

Explosions on the ground.

Pilots at the controls.

Burn the tank with oil.

Black smoke.

Plane takes off.

Pilot in the cockpit.

Broken appliances, dead soldiers in the trenches.

Soviet pilots in the construction, the cost of the aircraft.

Fly airplanes.


Fighter shoots.

Fires anti-aircraft gun.

Pilot in the cockpit.

Soldiers in the trenches.

Killed in artillery shells.

Wrecked tanks (the plane).

Pilot watches from the cockpit.

The inscription on the plane: "Thunderstorm fascists MD Rams."

Soviet fighter in the air.

German plane drops.

Soviet bomber takes off (the fuselage is painted by a shark).

Bombers dropped bombs.

Pilots in the cockpits.

Explosions on the ground.

Building on the airfield.


Mechanic puts knapsack parachute on the pilot.

Pilots preparing for takeoff.

Aircraft at the airport.

Planes taking off.

German artillery, machine gunner.

Germans in the trenches.

Photos of pilots.

Planes in the air.

Explosions on the ground.

Planes in the air.

Pilot at the controls, laughing.

Plane takes off.

Pilot at the controls.

Shoot fighters.


Falls stricken plane.

Planes, rotate the screws.

Soviet artillery firing.

Explosions, collapsing houses, fires, smoke.

Soldiers on the construction.


Shoot tanks.

Explosions on the ground.

Tank crewman in the cockpit.

Tank battle.

Padded German tanks.

Dead German soldier lies on the machine gun.

Soviet commanders in the forest.

Tank crewman in the cockpit.

Tank battle.

Padded German tanks.

Dead German soldier lies on the machine gun.

Soviet commanders in the forest.

Key words

The Second World War, aircraft, armored units

Scene №3

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Monument to the scuttled ships in Sevastopol.

Flying over the ruined city.

Young people working on the rubble, the construction of houses.

Virtual tour of the ruins of the plant.

A cameraman.

Flying over the ruined city.

Restoring Dniproges.

Train soldiers winner coming to the platform Belosrusskaya.

Women waving flowers, throw bouquets.

Soldiers train on the running boards in the windows.

Meeting on the platform.

Meetings in the villages.

It takes a crying woman.

Soviet tanks drive through a European city.

Citizens waving.

A military band.

It takes a formation of soldiers.

Soviet soldiers in the Polish city.

People waving from the windows, meet the Soviet troops on the streets.

Soldiers talk with the townspeople.

A soldier plays the accordion.

Artillery fire.

Fighting for Novorossiysk in 1943.

Sailors come ashore, shooting guns, urban fighting.

Soldiers are hoisting the flag over the gate of the plant "Proletarian".

Smiling sailor.

Germans are surrendering.

Panorama of Novorossiysk.

Flooded ships in the bay.

Burns oil in Maikop.

Artillery fires.

Tank attacks.

Infantry attack.

Bandaging the wounded.

Soldiers in the trenches, carry ammunition.

Gunner shoots.

Soldiers sawing trees, building fortifications.

General Leselidze with subordinates over the map.

Colonel Brezhnev officers are on the road, getting into the car.

Are tanks.

Tank Brigade in the tank during the battle.

Exemption Krymskaya - tanks enter the village.

Fighting for Anapa: infantry attack, tanks go to the ruined city.

Residents greeted the soldiers.

Residents greeted the soldiers.

Key words

Battle for the Caucasus

Scene №4

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Working with machines in a factory shop.

Trainee vocational school, visiting workers of the plant, drinking tea.

View from the window to the factory.

Fumes blast furnace.

A sign on the wall of a blast furnace, "1752".

Blast furnace plant, smelting metal.

Girls made shells.

Workers collect rifles.

Women collect shells, packed in boxes.

Girl puts in boxes of ammunition notes fighters.

Jobs in shops factories: production of shells, assembling weapons and so on.

Key words

rear, military industry

Scene №5

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Teenagers working in the factory shop on manufacture of shells.

Working women.

From the gates of the Chelyabinsk plant leaves tanks.

Build tanks in the factory shop.

Constructors Volkov, Tokarev, perch, Sweden in the office of the table in the drawings.

The designers of the T-34 Morozov, Moskalev, Kucherenkl at the table on the drawings.

Academician Paton in the factory shop in the tank.

Workers and engineers at the table, smoking, talking.

Academician Gottlieb.

The text of the New Year's letter to Stalin Urals.

The girl behind the machine.

Shells on the conveyor.

Working women, stuffed shells with TNT.

Workers in the mine shaft.

Construction of blast furnace at Chusovoi.

Cargo crane transports artillery platform.

There is a train loaded with weapons.


Handing tanks built on the funds of members DENR, tankers.

Tankers sit in the tanks; Tanks are on the streets.

Armored Train "Stalin Ural" on the station.

Time on the platform.

Team armored train reading a newspaper.

The commander of the armored Captain Maslov said by telephone.

Soldiers in camouflage on the train.

Armored train goes.

Landing group jumps off the train.

Soldiers in armored artillery shoot.

Marines run through the snow-covered field.

Workers collect the rifle in the factory shop, placed in boxes.

Key words

rear, industry

Scene №6

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The burning village is a German soldier.

Lit hut.

On the street riding a tank.

Burning sheaves.

Planes in the air.

Farmers go on carts by burning sheaves.

The boy is on the road.

Fighter in the air, shooting.

Dead horse on the ground.

On the way, is a column of German technology, the soldiers in the background fires.

Scene №7

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The streets of the Spanish city, air raid, residents flee.

Nazi planes in the air.

Ruined city (the plane).

Photo: searches, arrests, executions, the Germans posing against the backdrop of the slain.

Body hanged on the gallows.

Naked Germans fleeing to the river, bathe, wash the dog.

Soldiers shave at a side of the fountain, the Germans bathe in the fountain.

German soldiers make the female figure in the sand on the beach.

Photos of the Lviv pogrom in July 1941 Ghetto.

People on the street, eating from the pot; children.

Woman sitting on the benches, sew, near the child.

Children in the barracks.

German teen searches at the entrance to the ghetto.

Teens shake out from under the clothes food.

Drawings by children from the ghetto.

Jews are on the platform, climb into boxcars.

Pass the elderly.

The Germans closed car.

Photo: concentration camp prisoners who died.

Mayhem: men pull each other's child, the murdered woman and child on the sidewalk.

Pipes former concentration camp, the panorama in the barracks.

Interior view of the barracks - a panorama on the bunks, walls.

Panoramas on furnaces.

Mountain female hair piled in a heap prostheses, chamber pots.

Key words

The Holocaust

Scene №8

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The newspaper with the text of the judgment of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 30 June 1941 on the establishment of the State Defense Committee and the appointment of the chairman of Stalin.

People in the villages, factories, schools, on the streets in the cities of listening to the announcement of the beginning of the war.


The Soviet soldiers are fleeing the attack, passing tanks.

Explosions in the field.

Powered artillery crew.


Gunners at the guns.

Face of the commander.

Smoke in the field.

The officer looks through binoculars.

Gunners charge the gun, shoot, the commander gave the order.

Change dislocation on snow-covered roads are the Soviet soldiers in camouflage coveralls, uniforms.

Soldiers look out of the hatch of the tank.

The woods are tanks, leave the field.

Gunners load a gun.

Soviet soldiers in camouflage running on the offensive.

Bodies of the dead, covered with snow.

Gunner shoots.

Soldiers jump into the trenches, running through the trenches, jumping dead bodies.

Body in the snow, are soldiers.

Soldiers shoot out of the trench, running on the offensive.

The officer looks through binoculars.

Sniper takes aim, fires.

Sniper in the shelter, making a hole in the snow to the barrel rifle.


Signalers pull wire, cut the barbed wire.

The officer looks through binoculars.

Runs across the field infantry, riding tanks.

Medic bandaging the wounded.

The wounded lay in the cart, pulled by dogs.

In the field are tanks.


Soldiers fleeing the attack.

Signalman in the shelter said by telephone.

Soldier crawling under fire.

The Soviet soldiers are inciting German tank grenade.

Soldiers smoke from the fire.

Are lined with German tanks.

Soldiers from the radar.

Soviet tanks are moving across the ditch.

Shooting artillery.

German soldiers in the streets, burning houses.

The corpse of a German soldier in the field.

Body villagers cattle on the road, the cat runs.

Villagers mourn the dead villagers.

Texts funerals.

Soldiers in the ranks, kiss the flag.

Soviet planes fly planes in the air.

Explosions and smoke on the ground.

Tanks in the field.

Fires Artillery.

Attack of the Soviet troops: infantry runs, are tanks.

Planes in the air.

Soviet soldiers drive through the streets of the city.

Women give soldiers flowers, hug.

Citizens meet Soviet tanks, waving their hands.

Ruins of a European city - Toll ruined streets.

Scene №9

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Dance soldiers - male and female.

Soldiers on rest - write letters, photographed smoking.

The soldier on the riverbank drinking water from the helmet.

Barrel of artillery.

Artillery barrage.

The soldiers fleeing the attack.

Destroyed tank.

The soldiers fled into the attack in the smoke, jump over the trench.

Explosions on the field, fleeing soldiers.

Tank attack.

Soldier inciting a German tank.

Bearer in the trench.

Soviet soldiers are fleeing the attack, the tank.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Explosions in the field.

Nurse pulls off a wounded soldier, pulls into the trench.

Bandaging the wounded.

All the soldiers pass through the trench, are carrying the flag.

Watered wounded gunner.

Nurse pulls into the trench wounded.

Nurse bandaging the wounded.

Lying wounded with a bandaged head.

Membership card in the blood.

Soldiers hug after a fight.

Photos of the war years.

Hoisting the flag on the roof of the house.

Woman hugging a soldier in the Liberation Square in Minsk.

Meeting the soldiers from the front: soldier carries a child in her arms; Girl hugs an elderly woman.

Smokes soldiers.

Combat soldiers in hiding and shooting.

Tanks go on a snow-covered field.

Fires Artillery.

Tank breaks the fence of barbed wire.

Soldiers on a tank, the soldiers ran behind the tanks.

Fires Artillery.

Soldiers captured a flag on top.

Lights destroyed tank.

The soldier carries a wounded man lays on the snow.

Nurse in camouflage dragging the wounded, bandaging.

Are wounded.

Soldiers in the winter woods near the fire.

Scene №10

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The soldier throws a grenade from a trench.

Lights destroyed tank.

Plane takes off.

Tank, breaking trees and leaves on the field.

The soldiers on the tank.

Planes in the air.

Tank rides on the field.



Tank attack.

Far shooting artillery.

Planes in the air.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Land (of the plane).

Planes, tanks and soldiers are fleeing the attack.

Soldiers ran, burning German tanks, planes.

Smoke on the field, wrecked tanks and soldiers are fleeing.

Killed by a German soldier.


The fighting on the outskirts of Eagle.

They're coming tanks and soldiers are fleeing the attack.

Killed in a ruined house.

Commanders in the trenches.

Goes tank.


The Soviet army enters eagle.

The tanks drive through the streets of the city.

Inmates waving their hands through the barred windows.

The prisoners come out of the prison building.

Rejoice citizens.

The soldiers are on the streets of the city, an inscription in German on the buildings.

Soldiers kiss women.

The soldiers knocked signs in German, bear and tear Nazi flags.

The sign "Orel".

Panorama of the destroyed buildings.

German gunners in the shelter shoot.

Soviet soldiers in the trenches, shoot.

Solid rural house.

Soviet tank rides on the streets of the ruined villages, past the cemetery.

Tank lucky cannon.

Skeletons furnaces.

Soldiers are on the road.

Panorama of the city, church domes.

The burly pointer: "Bolchow".

The soldier installs a banner on the balustrade of the balcony of a historic building, a monastery in the background.

The old man.

A ruined church.

Window prison tightened with barbed wire.

The fence of barbed wire.

Street with ruined houses.

Ship "Zyryanin" at the pier.

Street of the big city: the people run, passing cars, motorcycles.

Lying wounded.

Soldiers look to the sky.

Winter, the soldiers in the forest, seated on the tanks; tank attack in a snowy field.

Commanders confer over the map.

The cavalry rides in the attack.

Horse rides along the forest road.

Concentration camp prisoners will go on (above).

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