Counter trade on the collective farm market (1930-1934)

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Scene №1 Counter trade on the kolkhoz market.

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Caption: "countertrade manufactured goods."

The farmers at the counter store countertrade.

The inscription on the facade of the store: "Mostorg.

Tent for counter collective farm trade, "the farmers at the counter.

The farmers examine goods.

Farmer's face, choosing the fabric.

Hands that sort tissue.

The buyer tries pants.

Buyer takes bought pants.

The seller gives the farmer bought them for a horse collar.

Buyers on the kolkhoz market.

Book counter.

Peasant packs purchase the bag.

Collective farmer purchased goods.

Collective farmer tries bought canned banks.

Counter with warm clothes.

Women choose cloth.

The farmers at the entrance to the store ready-made garments.

The inscription on the store: "The store to sell goods out of turn to the collective farmers who sell their products on the collective farm market."

New chairs, packed in straw.

Caption: "But there are markets ...".

A boy stands in a puddle in the middle of the square.

A puddle in the middle of the square, stand around and people are sitting.

People sit in the square.

Sleeping man on the square.

The inscription above the door: "Legal Advice" on the door lock hanging.

Gypsy woman wonders.

Caption: "This can not be!".

Key words


Calendar: 1930-1934



Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2 Trading on the collective farm market.

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Peasant carts with agricultural products before leaving the city.

People loaded onto a cart cans of milk, a farmer checks the horse harness.

Caption: "Workers individual farmers."

Woman straightens bags on a cart.

Drove by the farm carts.

Convoy moving on the road, ahead of his car.

Convoy arrives at the city market.

The buyer at the kiosk with fruit.

Horses eat hay.

The farmers sell goods wagons.

Women choose cucumbers, consult with the seller.

The woman is weighing on the scales green onions.

Buyers inspect and fingered young piglets.

Cucumbers in baskets.

Potatoes on the counter.

Chicken eggs in the tray.

A woman checks the freshness of the eggs using candling.

The buyer is trying to cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese laid out on paper.

Sour cream in a glass.

A portion of the vegetable oil weighed on the scales.

Basket with berries.

The buyer tries berries, nods and substitutes for berries jacket pocket.

A bucket of potatoes.

The woman wraps bought berries in the newspaper.

Woman with child at the hands of paying the seller.

Hand buyer takes delivery.

Butcher chopping meat ax.

Weighing severed pieces of meat.

Hand buyer donating money.

Woman pouring milk in a bottle.

Calendar: 1930-1932



Seasons: Summer [824]

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