The Red Army in the Civil War. (1919 - 1922)

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Scene №1 The Red Army in the Civil War

Soldier's rally at the train.

Distribution of newspapers and posters Red Army out of the car agitation trains.

Gunners dismantled duffel bags before sending the train.

The car armored train "Soviet Power".

Woman sitting at the wheel gun.

Platform with cannons.

MV Frunze commanders goes on rails.

Caption: "Famous in battle Pugachevsky and Stepan Razin shelves division Chapaev".

General view of the construction of the regiments on the field.

Caption: "Chapaev".

Chapaev VI standing at the car.

Caption: "In front came predrevvoensoveta Trotsky."

Trotsky talking with commanders.

Trotsky and Chapaev bypass the guard of the Red Army.

Caption: "The oldest ..." Trotsky speaks with an elderly Red Army.

Caption: "... and the youngest."

Two children standing at the machine gun.

Caption: "And with his comrade Frunze won."

Frunze on the station platform bypasses the operation of the Red Army.

Caption: "February 2, 1919 the Red Army was taken Kiev."

Red Army soldiers stand on the square of Kiev with a red flag.

Red Army soldiers are on the streets of Kiev.

Caption: "In all areas formed the Soviet government."

Bubnov, SKRYPNIK, Rakovsky and Antonov in Kiev.

AS Bubnov, SKRYPNIK NA, Rakowski HG, Antonov Ovseenko VA, EA Shchadenko stand at the entrance to the building.

Gunners are on the streets of Kiev.

Rides cannon.

Caption: "April 5 of that year, the Red Army occupied Odessa."

The Red Army go to Odessa.

Go to members of the Odessa Board of Workers' Deputies.

Caption: "October 25 Vladivostok entered the People's Revolutionary Army."

Red Army soldiers stand on the square in Vladivostok.

Caption: "... under the command of t.

Uborevicha. "

Uborevich IP on the square in front of the building.

Uborevich greets residents of Vladivostok.

Residents of Vladivostok Uborevich tray with bread and salt.

Uborevich speaks at a rally.

Uborevich talks with members of the city council.

Caption: "... a mortal battle for Soviet power was created, grown, matured the world's first Red Army."


Lev Davidovich Trotsky - statesman and political figure Bubnov Andrey Sergeyevich - statesman and political figure Christian G. Rakovsky - statesman and political figure SKRYPNIK Z - statesman and political figure Antonov Vladimir Aleksandrovich - statesman and political figure Mikhail Frunze - commander Vasily Chapaev - commander Uborevich Jerome P. - commander Shchadenko Yefim Afanasievich - commander




Ural [920] Kiev [933] Vladivostok [951] Odessa [960]


Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

The first years of Soviet power

Scene №2

Red commander looks through binoculars.

Attack of the red cavalry.

Transportation infantry on carts.

Horsemen galloping across the field.

Cavalry forces the river.

Horsemen galloping across the bridge.

Regiments of the Red Army are on the streets of the city.

SKRYPNIK NA speaks at a rally.

Nearby stands AS Bubnov Listening to the Red Army Skrypnyk.

Regiments of the Red Army are on the streets of Odessa.


SKRYPNIK Z - state and political figure. Bubnov Andrey Sergeyevich - statesman and political figure.




Odessa [960]


Summer [824] Winter [823]

The first years of Soviet power

Scene №3

Black smoke over the trenches.

The explosion near the big gun.

The explosion near the trench.

Armored train rides.

MV Frunze goes down the line of the Red Army.

Face of the Red Army.

Frunze speaking at the rally.

Red Army soldiers were listening to the Frunze.

Mud and puddles on the field.

Red Army mounted machine gun.

Firing a machine gun.

Exploding shells over the battlefield.

Infantry pushing forward.

The soldiers fired from rifles.

The machine-gunners firing.

Firing a machine gun.

Exploding shells over the battlefield.

Red cavalry attacks.


Cavalry forces the river on a pontoon bridge.

Cavalrymen ride along the coast.

The face of the peasant.

General view of the cavalry attack in the Crimean steppe.

Soldiers of the White Army carry the wounded to the boat.

Loading carts notation on the ship with a crane.

Whites in boats moor alongside the ship.

The soldier jumps into the boat from the shore.

Panorama of the Crimean Mountains.


Mikhail Frunze - commander.






Winter [823] Autumn [826]

The first years of Soviet power