Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 560

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Producer UFA

Operators: Bajer, Bergman, Brezelou, Buhgoljc, Funke, Klaus, Kramer, Ditrih, Erkard, Ertlj, Loos, Ritter, Rode, Shper, Krazeman, Hammer, Cajtlinger, Cumpe

Reel №1

1. Japanese bombers attacked southern China.

They are in flight.

Japanese infantry in the attack.

In the Chinese city occupied by the Japanese.

General on the horse after troops enters the gate.

2. US Forest fires, the view from the airplane.

Burning trees, houses, go rescue work.

3. Italy.

The visit of the Croatian delegation led by Ante Pavelic in Rome.

Pick up with Mussolini.

Duce and Croat politicians are going down the street in a carriage.

Receiving the delegation of King Victor Emmanuel.

The appointment of Prince Spoleto king of Croatia.

Cheering crowd in front of the royal palace.

Victor Emmanuel with the guests on the balcony.

4. Germany.

Residence of the Fuhrer, he hands the Oak Leaves to the Knight's Cross German pilots: Hauptmann Tyubenu, Lieutenant Minchiberu.

The Fuhrer with pilots.

Pilots go down the stairs, get in the car and leave.

5. Hungary.

General von Weichs inspects military stud farm in Tabolne.

The orchestra.

Demonstration of Arabian horses.

Dressage horses in the arena.

Demonstration of the riding school.

General officers.

Herd of horses.

6. Hungary.

Cleaning the Danube from Serbian min.

German minesweepers in the Iron Gate.

Meeting with the boats of the Hungarian guard protection.

7. Greece.

German soldiers in Greece.

Soldiers marching down the road, on the side of the truck lies upside down.

Field Marshal Liszt in the army.

Landing troops going to the capture of the Greek islands of Patras and the Peloponnese.

Handling equipment, guns.

British prisoners are columns on the road.

Hanging on a cactus English helmet.

German Greek ship in the bay.

Remains of the Greek Navy.

Waterlogged ships.

German flag blows.

Pacific War; World War II

Reel №2

8. Greece.

German paratroopers preparing for surgery.

Flying over the Greek territory over Corinth.

German paratroopers parachute jump, they land, collect parachutes, running with a gun.

Marines in battle with the British.

Fragments of the battlefield.

Marines in the attack.

British prisoners.

Marines are wounded.

They recaptured near the English Channel in Corinth.

Military operations in Greece.

German troops in combat, infantry in the attack.

Settlement captured by the Germans.

The prisoners.

Folder with the captured British secret documents seized weapons.

The column of prisoners (the Greeks, British, Australians and others.).

9. North Africa.

General Gariboldi, the commander of the Italian troops in Africa, at the residence of the German Expeditionary Force Command.

It bypasses the guard of honor.

Italian and German flags.

Italian General General Rommel presents the Order of Savoy.

Captured British engineering.

Distribution of British prisoners of their personal property.

Captured from the British Fort Capuzzo.

The ruins of the fort, the ruins of houses.

German tanks and equipment.

Traces of heavy fighting for the fort.

German military airport in the desert.

Pilots ready to fly, they sit on the machines.

Aircraft in flight.

The attack on the British colonies.

British tanks shelling.

Planes in the sky.

Air force; World War II

Reel №3

10. The German submarine in the campaign.

The raging sea.

Meeting with the German anti-submarine boat.

Detected vessel enemy fire, the ship sinks.

The boat continues on his way.

The shelling of another English ship, it also sinks.

Third ship is sinking, destroyed submarine.

The wreckage of the sunken ship.

Return to the port.

Admiral Doenitz welcomes the crew and captain.

Captain awarded the Knight's Cross.

11. Atlantic coast of France.

German airfield.

Pilots get the job.

Aircraft ready for take-off, they are in flight.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Night Flight.

The bombing of the British territory of Liverpool.

British anti-aircraft guns firing, explosions of shells.

Last Minute English "military" facilities.

World War II; East Prussian operation (WW 2)