Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 516

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1. Italy, Piedmont.

Italian mountain arrows.

Italians shelled the French positions.

Italian planes in the air.

Types Riviera traces bombing.

Italian troops enter in Menton, street fighting in the city.

The hotel, the promenade.

Mussolini inspects Italian troops.

Duce meeting with the French envoy.

Duce authorizes the transfer of French prisoners of war in France.

Duce bypasses the formation of soldiers, then gets in the car.

Italian ships at sea.

The sailors on the deck of a warship, guns.

Sailors dumped into the sea mines.

Bow of the ship, there are two sailor with binoculars (good frame).

Muzzle guns.

2. Africa.

Italian troops on the march in Somalia and Abyssinia.

Cars, guns are unloaded.

Prepare to repel the attacks of British tanks.

3. Gibraltar.

Rock, fortress.

Court near the shore.

British soldiers in the city.

British fortifications on the shore.

4. Hong Kong.

Flying airplane.

English boats on the roads.

British soldiers marching, enter the bunker.

Shooting guns.

Chinese prisoners in the construction of fortifications.

The use of child labor, boy breaks stones.

5. England.

German POWs in the excavations.

The prisoners dragged rail.

Prisoners are systems with shovels and Kyle are holding ration.

Wire barrier camp guard booth to the time go prisoners.

6. ignited the British oil fields in Libya (Africa).

Fire fighting German soldiers.

Spilled oil on the ground.

Burnt houses nearby villages.

7. France.

Occupied territory.

Dismantling ruins.

Restoration of the destroyed bridge.


French and German railway to work together.

8. Poland.

German refugees return to Poland for the so-called "return of the territories" (territories included into the Reich after the invasion of Poland).

The train approaches the station Merzig-Saar.

Of the cars out the elderly, children.

Nurses help refugees.

Refugees with things go down the street, they greet residents, an orchestra.

Accompanying lodge refugees to their homes.

9. Germany.

Meeting in the Reich Chancellery July 19, 1940.

Headlines of the meeting of the Reichstag.

A note on the visit of Count Ciano in Berlin.

After the government statement in the Reichstag Hitler goes to the opera.

Crowds greet him.

The Brandenburg Gate, a car with the Fuhrer.

Hitler out of the car, the officer shall report the guard of honor, bypass the guard troops.

Next to Hitler, Himmler, the generals.

North African campaign; World War II

Reel №2

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Soldiers in the ranks.

Hitler enters the Opera House.

Hitler on the podium, he greets his colleagues.

He is on the podium, spoke about the problems in the fight against Germany and England.

The presidium Goebbels, Ciano, Keitel, Jodl, Goering et al.

10. Return of the parts of the Wehrmacht in Berlin after the "conquest" of France.

Population enthusiastically welcomed the German soldiers.

Woman hugging winners.

Girls handed flowers to the soldiers.

Girls from the League of German Girls in the form of soldiers hugging girls.

Police officers restrain the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Columns of soldiers march past the Brandenburg Gate.

On the podium - Goebbels and the generals.

Passing mortar.

Cheering crowds.

Children, women, individuals.

Traveling with horses in vans, military field kitchens.

The orchestra.

Truck rear services.

Cheering crowd.

Passing cyclists, motorcyclists.

PNRM. cheering crowds.


Speaker of the "indissoluble unity of the army and the people."

The wounded German officers and soldiers greet "conquerors of France."

Women, Girls.

Columns of soldiers.

Panorama streets filled with people.

Monument to Frederick the Great.

Followed by the cavalry.

Are the columns of soldiers.

Women and children welcomed the soldiers.

The area in front of the Berlin Cathedral.

Panorama of cheering crowds, columns of soldiers.

German invasion to France, Belgium and Holland; World War II