The surrounding mountains Karadag in Crimea (1922-1929)

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Scene №1 The surrounding mountains Karadag in Crimea

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Ocean waves lapping on the rocks near the shore.

Mountains and rocks in the vicinity of Karadag.

General view of the mountains Karadag.

The mountain trail climbs researcher.

General view of the mountain Karadag.

Mountainside with a through pass.

Type of coastal rocks and cliffs from the sea.

Cliff Ivan robber.

View of the Gate Karadag - plot lava walls, pierced sea.

Cliff Sphinx.

Stone ridge around Karadag.

Shrubs growing in Karadag.

Deciduous trees growing in Karadag.

Researcher passes through the thicket of trees.

Berry bushes around Karadag.

Coniferous trees growing in Karadag.

General view of the Crimean coast.

Rocks of volcanic lava.

The station of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, located on the sea shore near the Karadag.

One of the former royal palaces in the area of Feodosia.

Gates of the palace.

A general view of the old cemetery.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Rocks on the shore.

Waves lapping on the shore.

General view of the rocky shore.

General view of the sandy beach.

Waves wash the coastal rocks.

General view of the village in the foothills of the Karadag Otuzy.

Rocks on the seashore.

Coastal shingle passes researcher climbs the stone ledge on the coastal cliff.

The western side of the mountain Karagach.

Rocks on the beach formed by volcanic lava.

Limestone ridge Syuryu-Kai.

On the side of the mountain rises people.

General view of the mountains Cap of Monomakh.

Researcher way through the rocks on the mountain.

General view of the mountain slope.

Researcher stick pushes pieces of lava begins to descend.

General view of the coast from the mountain.

Mountain views in the area of Feodosia.

Researcher stands on top of a wall of lava.

General view of the Great Wall from the sea.

View continuity Hoba-Tepe from the sea.

The western slope of the Holy Mountain.

Sea view from the Holy Mountain.

Part of the slope of the Holy Mountain.

The slope of the Holy Mountain sneaks researcher.

Rock formations of volcanic lava.

Vineyards in the village Otuzy about Karadag.

Ripened grapes.

People harvest the grapes.

The farmer puts a bunch of grapes on the rug.

Weigh the harvest.

Clerk records the weighing results in a notebook.

Farmers carry weighted grapes.

Women are placed grapes in basket.

Girl eating grapes.

Baskets of grapes covered with white cloth and straw.

Peasant carts unloaded barrel.

Empty drums made for a young wine.

Distillery in the village Otuzy.

Otuz students perform national dance.

Person dancing.

Children run away at the end of the dance.

The researcher comes to mining groundwater sources, drinking from it.

A herd of cows is to drink to the source.

Rises from the ground spring.

Cows drink water from stone drinkers.

Otuz farmer puts hay in stack.

On the streets of the village is a man.

Calendar: 1922-1929

Locations: Crimea

Seasons: Summer [824]

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