Students Are Asked to Speak.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Script writers: Grigorev U.

Operators: Sarancev A., Fedyaev E.


About the work of the International Student Workshop in Gurzuf.

Historical background

In July 1960, in the Crimea was held an international seminar "The students, international cooperation and world culture." At the seminar, students came from around the world.

Temporary description

Discovery and the International Seminar students in Gurzuf: presentation of participants at the meetings (sinhr.). Meeting participants from the pioneers, resting in the pioneer camp "Artek", rest by the sea.

Reel №1

The platform are arrived at the workshop students.

Students at the airport - CU.

Englishman Tom Ileds Mile examines things in your backpack, comes with an umbrella.

Margaret says Brian from the U.S..

Pass Buganet Malek of Algeria, Gila Day from Senegal, etc.

Face Hedvi Uzbek from Denmark - CU.

Mountain scenery, sea, surf (evening).

Crimean landscape: in the foreground rocks, away Bear Mountain.

By the sea is a girl.

Seminar on "Culture and national independence."

Sit students.

Serves director of the Africa Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Professor Potekhin (synchronously).

Asks a student from Uganda sekasom (synchronously).

Professor Potekhin responds (synchronously).

Serving students: Angus Mile from the UK, Nora TPRT from India Puis Vasos from Cyprus (synchronously).

The audience listening, applauding.

Reel №2

On his impressions of the seminar said Sandro Dzambetti (synchronous) - CU.


PNRM. from the sea to sit on the bank of the students.

A group of students at a table drinking tea.

Gerd talking Billing from East Germany and Harm Roseman from West Germany.

Sandro is walking with a girl Mariska.

A group of students visiting the Artek pioneer.

Among the pioneers of Artek - Arthur of New York, the boys from Jakarta, girls from East Germany and Paris.

Flags of different countries over the camp - MS., PNRM.

Students and pioneers on the boat.

Students visiting winemakers.

Students are treated to wine.

Chairman of the Union of Friendship Societies NV Popov visiting students.

Students listen to a lecture Lenin Prize PA Kupriyanov - leading specialist in the field of cardiac surgery.

Says PA Kupriyanov - MS.

The lecture distinguished mathematician SL Tds - MS.

The students talk chemistry professor Rebinder, film director Sergei Gerasimov - CU., MS.

On the beach: boys pull the rope, swimming, sunbathing.

Billing person Gerda from the GDR, Gerd on the beach - CU.

The sand is a Japanese guy Ichiro It is from Hiroshima, sores on his body from radiation.

Gerd Billing Seminar on "Students and disarmament" shows purchased in Munich "Soldiers 'newspaper', which refers to the rebirth of fascism.

Hitler's orders, among them "The Crimean Shield" - the award for the occupation of the Crimea.

Alex stands Maresyev - MS.

Sea beach - LS.

On his impressions says Margaret Brown (synchronous) - CU.

Students on the stairs leading to the sea.

A group of students on the stairs.

Boy and girl on the stairs under the lamp (evening).

The building in which students live (evening).

Farewell dance: dance students.

In Moscow, students say goodbye.

Gerd Billing climbs the ladder in the IL-18.

Harm Roseman sits in a plane Austrian company.

Stands foreign plane - CU.

Off at the station.

Is the train.

From the windows of cars looking girls and boys.

Aircraft in the air - LS.