The Exhibition in the City of Paris (1961)

Documentary №5462, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:01
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Kulagina K.
Camera operators:Monglovskiy U., Reyzman O.
Anouncers:Sadkovich M.


About the Soviet Industry Exhibition in the city of Paris.

Temporary description:

Minister of Foreign Trade of the USSR NS Patolichev opens the exhibition. Pavilions of the exhibition. Customers visiting the exhibits: models of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin" and nuclear power plants, construction equipment, flight Gagarin into space, satellite, model airplanes, helicopters, cars, furs, musical instruments, objects of decorative art, books, pictures Soviet artists, watches, cameras, models of housing construction, agricultural machinery. Customers are trying to produce the food industry. Demonstration models of clothes. Among the visitors Secretary-General of the Communist Party of France Maurice Thorez, members of the society of France-Soviet Union, "French Prime Minister Michel Debre, actress Marina Vlady, and others. Customers make entries in the guestbook about the exhibition. City of Paris: the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Eiffel Tower, the Seine river, pedestrians on the streets, artists, depicting the streets, a girl with a goat sings on the street.

Reel №1

French newspapers - CU.

On the streets of Paris with the sale of the newspaper reports of the upcoming opening of the Soviet industrial exhibition.

Parisians read newspapers on the streets.

Parisians and people from nearby villages and towns go to the Porte de Versailles, the main pas vilonu Soviet Exhibition opening day.

In the crowd are two nuns.

Rally to mark the opening of the exhibition.

The microphone stand Industry and Trade Minister of France and Zhannene

Minister of Foreign Trade, NS Patolichev.

NS Patolichev cut the ribbon and invited those present to pass into the halls of the pavilion.

People pass on the Soviet exhibition.

Visitors take brochures and advertising of the exhibition, visiting the exhibits in the pavilion.

Hall space panorama - LS.

Model of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin", synchrotron, the "Alpha", the first in mi-re nuclear power plant.

Visitors with headphones listen to the story about the power (in French).

Visitors view layouts.

Demonstrates the device for solar energy use.

PNRM. on the model of the new TV tower, which will be 200 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Acting strokootlivnaya machine (typographic), automatic lathe hundred-estimates (in action).

Stand with Soviet cars: "Zaporozhets" on the stand - LS.

Stands with the Soviet-made fabrics.

Silk, cotton prints, fur.

Women at the booth with furs.

Fashion show of women's dresses.


Girl showing fashions - MS., CU.

Copies of newspapers and magazines with a portrait of a girl Natasha, display fashions - CU.

Exhibits department of folk art.

The artist paints a wooden vase, purchased at an exhibition of one of Paris Coy.

Stands with musical instruments.

A visitor plays the piano for the Estonian production.

Popular actress Marina Vlady, widow Romain Roland at the exhibition.

PNRM. the stands with books.

Parisians have books.

Reel №2

Visitors to the pavilion of the Soviet art exhibition in Paris, visiting of the product of art.

S.Gerasimova painting "Mother partisan» - CU.

Gives candy to children of Soviet production, the adults drink beverages in the food hall of the USSR.

Visitors to the exhibition with children rest and have a snack at the exhibition.

On the area of ​​the main pavilion is a souvenir trade.

Hand holds the camera Soviet production.

Parisians buy wristwatch.

Girl sitting on the bank of the Seine.

Paris - MS.

The park is a young Parisian walks with the dog.

It takes a man with loaves of white bread.

A pair of lovers on the banks of the Seine.

Artists paint on the streets of Montmartre.

Street singer with a goat.

Chimera of Notre Dame - CU.

PNRM. for the city

Paris to the cathedral.

Eiffel Tower - LS.

Figures exhibits Imperial Russia from the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

Talking business people of France.

Visitors inspect construction equipment and agricultural machinery.

Builders show models of new cities and villages.

French peasants in the exhibition.

The exhibition celebrated the five hundred thousandth visitor Parisian engineer-syatsya presenting gifts.

General Secretary of the Communist Party, Maurice Thorez and his wife Jeannette Ver-mesh, guests are given gifts.

Society leaders France - USSR Chmitelin, General Petty meter Blyummel, years, snip squadron Normandie - Niemen Zhofera at the exhibition.

Prime Minister - Minister of France Debra at the show, guests are given a vase made Volga masters.

The room shown on the film documents the USSR with special film projector in liekranom.

The audience in the hall.

Models of airplanes and helicopters in the hall.

Visitors make entries in the guestbook.

Models of satellites and rockets.

Parisians snapping the plate with the voice of the first cosmonaut - Yuri Gagarin.

Sheaves of wheat and bags of grain in the pavilion of the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition pinned to dresses memorable icons of the exhibition.

The Soviet representative at the show sign a souvenir brochures and advertising.

Animation: the emblem of the exhibition - the Soviet space rocket and the Eiffel Tower pupils are graded exchange handshakes.

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