Lifting the railway bridge (1930-1939)

Footage №54909, 1 footage, duration: 0:10:20

Scene №1 Railway lift bridge in Holland

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A general view of the railway lift bridge.

Hands holding an amateur movie camera.

Railway rail.

The rails on the bridge.

View of the river through the bridge structures.

Reinforced concrete bridge support (top).

On the bridge passing train.

Wheels and pad moving cars.

The sky through the construction of the bridge.

General view of the bridge.

Past the bridge tram rides.

Bridge abutments.

Metal parts and support the bridge.

On the bridge passing train.

A general view of one of the bridge structure.

Fragments of metal structures.

Work up the stairs to one of the towers of the bridge.

Work examines one of the sites, checks the condition of the mechanisms.

Work rises to the upper platform.

Under the bridge passes river towboat (top).

Workers looking down over the railing site.

Road bridge above.

The span of the railway bridge (top).

Bridge Road (top).

Work goes down.

Hoist ropes.

The span of the bridge (above).

Stairs to support the bridge.

Seagulls flying over the water near the bridge.

Pointer lift bridge at the level of "0".

The arched bridge design.

Passing trains.


Buffers moving cars.


Buffers cars.

Rails under the wheels of a train.


Railroad tracks.

Buffers cars and railroad tracks.

Omit the semaphore.

The train stops.

Driver turns the lever arm.

Stopping engine.

Front buffer locomotive.

Locomotive wheel.

The smoke from the chimney of a steam locomotive.

Locomotive steam pits.

Control room of the lift bridge.

Manager picks up the phone.

Wheels hoist.

Dispatcher hangs up.

Hoist ropes.

Units and components of the mechanism are set in motion.

Manager turns the lever, the face of the controller.

Gauge needle lift rises.

Fragments of the bridge.

The bridge starts to rise.

Rising Bridge, balances fall down.

Part of the site of the bridge.

Rising Bridge, the descending counterweight.

The bridge rises.

Boat under the bridge (above).

Rotating wheel hoist.

Arrow pointer suitable height to the top mark.

Fragment raised bridge.

The hand controller on the lever.

Hoist ropes.

The scale pointer lifting height.

The bridge rises to the top.

General view of the raised bridge.

The river under the raised bridge (top).

Under the bridge passes boat.

Railway semaphore signal to inhibit the movement.

The wheels of the locomotive standing.

The steamer passes under the bridge.

Standing locomotive.

Passes under the bridge floating crane.

Tugboat pulls a barge.

Barge passes under the bridge, touching support (top).

Under the bridge is a ship (above).

General view of the bridge.

Manager monitors the readings.

The wheels start spinning hoist.

Dipping bridge (bottom).

Fragment of a working mechanism.

The bridge is lowered.

The smoke from the chimney of a steam locomotive.

Gauge needle height is lowered.

Detail of the working mechanism.

Lowers the bridge.

Spin the wheel hoist.

Fragments descending bridge.

Bridge falls into place.

Details are omitted bridge.

Details fixing bridge at a lower position.

The arrow pointer becomes a height to zero.

Control device in the control room.

Railway semaphore allows movement.

Hand driver turns the lever in the cab of the locomotive.

Locomotive starts moving.

The train passes semaphore.

Railway track (top).

View of the surroundings from a car window.

The train passes a semaphore.

Freight train passes over the bridge.

Tank at the end of the train.

The train passes over the bridge (above).

View of the river bank with the support of the bridge.

In the sky flying aircraft over the bridge.

General view of the river from the window of a train going over the bridge.

Calendar: 1930s

Locations: Netherlands [155]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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