Shanghai. (1920 - 1929)

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Scene №1 Shanghai

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People dancing the foxtrot in the restaurant.

People on the street at the entrance to the restaurant.

People dancing in the restaurant.

General view of part of Shanghai.

Junks on the Yangtze River to moor waterfront.

People on the junks.

People are pulling junk along the coast with the help of ropes.

Junks are at the coast, are people pulling junk.

Junks sail past the foreign warships, standing in the roads of Shanghai.

General view of the center of Shanghai at night.

On the street passing cars, motorcycles, on the sidewalk are people.

People have a Chinese dragon with the British flag during a solemn procession.

The solemn procession with the dragon.

People carry lanterns, models of ships.

General view of the embankment of the Yangtze.

Lighting on buildings night Shanghai.

Illuminated advertising of foreign enterprises in the streets of Shanghai.

Illuminated buildings in Shanghai.

The lights on the tower of the hotel on the waterfront.

Buildings and offices of foreign banks.

Housing one of the industrial enterprises in Shanghai, smoke smokestacks.

Work lubricates the gear in the factory shop.

Working in the shop.

Work twists lever mobile crane.

Workers carry crane inside the shop.

Match factory worker pours ready to match the tray.

Packer matches.

Workers poured finished matches of the trays and pack them.

Children working in a match factory.

Workers raise the beam by means of special rocker.

Carrying logs.

Foreign engineer instructs Chinese workers.

Work with bark logs.

Face engineer.

Sawing logs.

Nape of the worker.

People saw logs.

Cars and buses drive through the streets of Shanghai.

A policeman at the crossroads.

British soldiers in Shanghai.

Foreigners during the rest of the city.

People play balls.

Spectators watching the game.

A man throws a ball.

Chinese servant picks rollback ball, put in place.

People play balls.

Foreigners while relaxing in the park.

Pass a man and a woman.

Waiter handing a cup of tea.

Street in the working-class district of Shanghai, people pulling their wagon with pipes.

People stop the cart, drink water.

The boy looks through the fence of the villa, where foreigners live.

People sit on the edge of the pool.

People sitting at a table drinking cocktails.

Hand stir a cocktail straw.

Work drinking water from the scoop.

The boy looks through the fence.

Woman in swimsuit pass by the pool.

Women rise to the diving board into the water.

Face of woman standing by the pool.

People move out to the mound in the pool.

Workers pull carts with pipes.

Legs walking workers cartwheels.

Spinning wheel carts.

Rotates gramophone record.

People dance to the gramophone at the pool.

Feet dancing.

Rotates gramophone record.

Feet dancing.


Worker pushes a cart.

Workers pulling a cart behind him.

Girl working on a silk factory.

Shop factory silk (top).

Silk cocoons, rolling in a bucket.

Children working in the shop.

Silk thread reeled.

Workers face.

Hands workers.

A worker sorts cocoons.

The workers pass through the shop.

Young children are workers under the machines.

Women and children working in the shop.

The child in the arms of his mother.

Children silk factory workers.

Silk thread reeled.

Faces of the children.

Shop factory silk (top).





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