Preparing for the First World War (1914)

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Scene №1 Preparing for the First World War

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The crowd includes speculators in exchange building.

Bank employees at work.

Stacks of gold bars.

Work under the protection of police officers unloaded off the truck with bags of gold.

Well-dressed people come from the crew.

People go to the track.

General Joffre and the War Minister of France Millerand talk with the officers.

Joffre and Millerand talk with the guests during military maneuvers.

French ministers and generals are in the building.

French President Poincaré and Prime Minister Brian sit in a landau.

English King George V sits in a carriage.

Royal carriage stops, King retinue comes out of it.

The Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I passed along the ranks of officers.

Franz Joseph receives a report from one of the generals.

German Emperor Wilhelm II takes place along the line of soldiers.

Soldiers pass in front of Wilhelm solemn march.

Before William Parade civilian officials.

British soldiers overcome trench simulated enemy during the exercise.

Soldiers ran bayonets stabbed in at the bar hanging effigies.

Passes unit of French soldiers.

Prussian Grenadiers Regiment of Guards march through the streets of Berlin.

The airship is taken out of the hangar.

Planes are at the airport.

The pilot puts on flight outfit.

Rotating propeller aircraft.

Inside view of the plant for the production of one of the military munitions factories.

Work produced ammunition for heavy artillery.

Working in the shop for the production of gun barrels.

Ready artillery ammunition in stock.

A special commission checks the quality of products.

Panorama plant for the production of gun barrels.

Launching of the French warship.

Warships at anchorage.

Russian Emperor Nicholas II passes down the line Guard cuirassiers.

Minister of War Sukhomlinov VA listening to explanations during the inspection of the general French cars sent to the army.

Sukhomlinov inspects a truck.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

One of the buildings of the Russian military factory Vtorov.

Engineers enter the factory office building.

Vtorov NA sitting in a chair.

Working with machines in the factory shop.

Work of chemical plant in a protective mask.

Engineers and craftsmen are in the shop.

Work is at the drill.

Workers produce artillery ammunition.

Hands worker hammering sleeve in ammunition for mortars.

Ready ammunition.

Finish building warships.

Classes in bayonet fighting in one of the regiments of the Russian army.

Occupation drill sergeant and rifle techniques.

Shooting guns of field artillery.

Infantry Regiment, stands on the square.

The streets systems are high-school students with rifles.

Trustee of the school district speaks to high-school boys undergoing military training.

Schoolboys are built under the command of retired officers.

Battle ship goes to sea.

The sailors wash the deck.

Officers have lunch in the mess.

Sailors during common prayer.

Officers in the wardroom talk to each other, drinking coffee.

The bow turret battleship.

Warships in the educational campaign.

Boat on board the ship.

Water overboard.

Russian Ambassador to France Isvolsky AP sits in a landau.

Isvolsky rides in a landau, moving him an honorary escort.

French President Poincaré rides in a carriage past the guard of honor, followed by an escort.

Grand Duke Nicholas, Poincare and members of the royal family are talking to each other during a military parade.

Military parade in Tsarskoye Selo in honor of the arrival of the Poincare.

Military parade in Berlin.

Warships in the campaign.

German warships in the Baltic Sea.

The soldiers of the British colonial troops go for loading into the railway train.

People give soldiers in cars pack of tobacco.

New Zealand arrow sit in cars.

The passing train.

Bedouin warriors go through the mountains.

Nicholas II was talking to General Alekseev while staying at GHQ.

The generals are discussing one of the operational issues.

Telegraph department headquarters of one of the Russian armies.

General Brusilov AA discusses the operational situation with one of the staff officers.

General NN Yudenich sign orders, sitting behind a desk.

Admiral Kolchak AV on the deck of a warship.

Commander in Chief of the Grand Duke Nikolai Alexeyev and General talk with officers and generals at GHQ.

Key words

Joseph Jacques Joffre - French commander
Millerand Alexander - French statesman and politician
Raymond Poincare - French statesman and politician
Aristide Briand - French statesman and politician
Nicholas II - Emperor of Russia
George V - King of Great Britain
Wilhelm II - German Emperor
Franz Josef I - Emperor of Austria
Sukhomlinov Vladimir - statesman and military leader
Isvolsky Alexander Petrovich - Russian diplomat
Nikolai Nikolaevich Romanov - commander
Mikhail Alekseev - commander
Alexei Brusilov - commander
Judenich Nikolai - commander
Alexander Kolchak - military commander, politician
Vtorov Nikolai - Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Calendar: 1914

Locations: Saint Petersburg Berlin [821] Paris [850] Vienna [913]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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