Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 528

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1. Italy, Rome.

Going construction work.

Construction of the building of the Ministry of Africa.

Workers at a construction site.

New residential areas.

New buildings on the street ministries Mussolini.

2. Italy.


Visit of the Minister of Education of Germany to Italy.

Minister of climbing stairs.

Awarding honorary diploma Minister Dr.

3. Spain.


Concert German military band at the "Plaza de Toros' (bullfighting arena for).

German orchestra to the field, spectators, dignitaries, generals.

4. North Africa, Libya.

Spanish parts occupy an area of Tangier 06/14/1940. The population welcomed the troops entering.

Meeting of the Spanish general, commander, with French officers.

5. Bulgaria.

Entry of Bulgarian troops in Dobrogea - correction of injustice inflicted by the Treaty of Paris.

The population welcomed the Bulgarian troops.

The slogan "Dobrudja and Bulgaria are integrated."

Sofia, a ceremony to mark the reunification of Dobrudja to Bulgaria.

King Boris and his family welcome Demons-Trant.

6. Romania.


In the city of German troops arrive after surgery for resettlement of the German population of Bessarabia in Germany (in connection with the accession of Bessarabia to the Soviet Union).

Reel №2

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7. The repatriation of German Volksdeutsche in Germany.

Providing them with documents.

Festival in national costumes.

Landing in cars, the composition departs from the platform.

Arriving in Germany.

8. Norway.

Fascists march in Oslo.

The leader of the fascist party Vidkun Quisling speaking before the gathering in the hall of the Nazis.

9. Poland.

Footage: German artillery bombardment of Warsaw.

German infantrymen.

Shooting guns.

PNRM. the city, the German troops in Warsaw.

A year later.

Germans in Warsaw.

The main railway station, a big parade on the anniversary of the fall of Warsaw.

On the podium of the Governor-General Frank.

Passage of troops, artillery, and cavalry.

German planes in the air.

10. occupied territories.

Fragments of the maneuvers of the Wehrmacht.

Testing the interaction of tanks and infantry.

Start of the Second World War
World War II; History

Reel №3

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11. The consequences of the bombing of Le Havre (France), the Anglo-American aviation.

Burning houses, ruins, destroyed hospital.

Population with their belongings on the streets of the ruined city.

12. Atlantic coast.



Soldiers rush to the guns.

Shoot the German heavy artillery.

Calculations have guns.

German aircraft in the air.

Fragments of air combat with the British aircraft.

English downed aircraft on the ground.

German bombers dropped bombs.

13. The German warships off the coast of Germany, lifting anchors.

Squadron at sea.


The squadron goes forward, some ships, speedboats.

Guns on ships.

Nazi flag on the mast.

World War II; Air force
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation