Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 530

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1. Germany.

Rügen Island, the resort.

Minister Dr.

Leigh attends the construction of a new resort.


Ley in Danzig, he inspects new construction, new homes.

In contrast chronicle of the past: Danzig after the capture of September 1, 1939 - miserable hovels workers.

Reconstruction of the bridge.

2. Bromberg, Waterland (former Bydgoszcz, Poland's territory).

Visit Goebbels in Bromberg.

He is greeted by representatives of the authorities, population.

Stadium, construction of soldiers and stormtroopers bearers.

Local leaders.

3. Alsace.

In one of the cities come of the German garrison.

Soldiers marching through the streets.

Soldiers walk with the girls on the streets.

Soldiers help with the harvest, work in the vineyard.

4. France.

Atlantic Coast.

Construction of fortifications on the coast of the English Channel.

Luftwaffe pilots and soldiers RAD (Reich Labor Service) in the construction of fortifications.

Distribution of food, lunch break.

The resumption of work.

Soldiers digging the ground, driven cars.

Rink dub soil.

Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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5. Delivery bombs in the arrangement of parts of the Luftwaffe.

Loading bombs.

The soldiers dragged the bomb on a sled.

Warehouse bombs.

Preparing for the "raid of revenge" against England.

Planes taking off into the air, they are in the air.

Shooting a machine gun at the enemy.

Fragments of air combat.

English airplane falls.

German aircraft over the territory of England, panorama terrain.

Aircraft returned to base.

6. Romania.

View from the airplane on oil rigs, tanks with oil.

German and Romanian flags.

The arrival of German troops in Bucharest.

Composition with equipment and troops in a way, the population welcomed the troops.

Romanians in fur cap.

German soldiers from the truck shakes hands with Romanian border guards.

Unloading composition.

German soldiers communicate with the local population.

Loading trucks in boxes, bags, food.

German soldiers walk around Bucharest.

All at a government building.

Living on the streets, are female students.

German officers sent to the Romanian headquarters.

7. Italy.

Visit the Duce in motorized part of the Italian army.

Mussolini bypasses the formation of soldiers.


Tankers near the tanks.

Demonstration at the infantry.

The soldiers ran across the field toe the line.

Duce on the podium of a parade of troops passing of the infantry in trucks, artillery, light tanks.

World War II

Reel №3

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8. France.

The train station is close to Compiegne.

At the door of the car are nurses in white aprons.

Admission Hitler French Premier Laval, he undresses, enters the room.

The arrival of Petain and his entourage.

A car pulls up with Petain, he is met by Ribbentrop, bypassing the guard of honor.

Hitler meets Petain, shaking hands, talking.

9. France.

Hitler's visit to the Spanish border.

Hitler and Goering are included in the train car, sitting at a table by the window with maps, talk with the officers.

Arrival in Bayonne.

Hitler looks out the window of the train.

Nurse gives flowers to Hitler, he shakes the hands of women, military and sisters.

Soldiers with the camera shoots the Fuhrer.

The train goes on, passes the bridge, tunnel, should be along the Atlantic coast. 10.23.1940. Endey station.

On the platform Hitler greeted by the military.

View of the city, the bridge-aqueduct.

Hitler at the border waiting for the arrival of the Spanish caudillo Franco.

Franco arrival by train, it exchanges hands with Hitler.

They talk, bypass the guard of soldiers.

Hitler and Franco in the car negotiating.

Windows closed curtain.

The text of the communiqué of the meeting of the heads of the two states.

The press service of the train.

Journalists typing, radio operator transmits messages on the radio.

The train hit the road.

Types of terrain.

At stations Hitler greet crowds.

Hitler background flickering crowd. 28.10.1940. The arrival of the Führer in Florence.

Duce and Count Ciano welcomed Hitler.

Guard of honor.

Cheering crowds on the streets.

Car with Hitler and Mussolini, they come out of the machine.

Negotiations in the Palazzo Vecchio.

Hitler and Mussolini before the talks, diplomats said.

A poster on the meeting of Hitler and Mussolini in Florence.


Welcome the masses of the two leaders.

Hitler and Mussolini on the balcony of the palace, they welcomed the crowd.

Political figures
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