Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 553

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Reel №1

April 1941.

Berlin Vilgelmplats.

Goebbels reads an appeal to the soldiers of the Fuhrer South-Eastern Front.

Wilhelmstrasse 75. Press conference at the Foreign Ministry.

Announcement of the sheet of Yugoslavia and Greece by Germany.

April 16.

Opened fire on enemy positions.

German soldiers in the highlands.

Motorized columns.

The first prisoners were Serbs.

German tanks crossing the border.

Serbs set fire to the bridge, the German sappers extinguish a fire.

German tank.

On the Greek border.

For airplanes hung bomb.

Pilots get the job.

Planes taking off into the air.

View from the plane on the moving German columns.

German planes over the mountains.

The bombardment of enemy positions, explosions.

Aircraft in flight.

Italian aircraft in southern Yugoslavia, planes drop bombs.

1. Germany.

Funeral chief sanitary inspector of Germany in Berlin, Professor Waldman.

Colonel-General Fromm, lays a wreath on the Fuhrer.

2. Prague.

Parade of the Wehrmacht on the occasion of the second anniversary (03/15/1939) Education reyhsprotektorata Bohemia and Moravia.

President Hacha and Reichsprotektor Neurath take hits.

Powered German operator.

3. Bratislava.

Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the "independent" Slovakia.


Tiso takes hits.

Comes the cavalry, moving motorized units, tanks.

World War II

Reel №2

4. Germany, Hannover.

Drilling rig, oil production goes.

Oil workers.

Tank wagons with oil.

5. Germany.

The arrival of immigrants from Bessarabia.


Distribution of orders to occupy houses.

Settlers followed in their allocated estate.

Migrant family for tea.

6. German refugees on the border with Yugoslavia.

Distribution of their food.

Reception of ships with refugees in the port of Vienna.

Unloading things.

Refugees landed on the shore.

7. Germany.

German girls arrive at work on the board.

Girl in a watch factory.

Cooking for young workers, lunch.

8. Germany.

Braunschweig, the 250th anniversary of the city theater.

The ceremonial act in the castle returned to welcome Dr.


Exhibition for the anniversary, it examines the Gauleiter Lauterbaher.

Models of scenery.

9. Germany.

Goebbels takes the actor Emil Jannings, to thank him for his work on the image of President Kruger in the film "Uncle Kruger."

Awarding honorary ring Jannings for achievements in the field of cinema.

10. Klimsh Sculptor at work.

Statue Klimsha work.

Danzig, exhibition of works by painter and sculptor.

German soldiers in the exhibition halls.

Industry; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №3

11. Southern Front.

German General Corporal awards Iron Cross.

Bypassing the damaged soldiers.

Comrades congratulate the award.

Sappers railwaymen at work.

There is a construction of the railway bridge.

Delivery truss bridge.

Several moments of construction works.

Report the company commander of the completion of the works.

The first train goes over the bridge.


Maneuvers of German troops.

Tsar Boris and Field Marshal Liszt watching maneuvers.

Training tank attack.

Marines in the offensive.

Artillery shelling of the "enemy".

Infantry attack.


World War II

Reel №4

12. Dispatch aircraft in Africa.

Loading aircraft at a military airfield.

Planes taking off.

Unloading in Africa.

Ammunition and food sent to the front.

Arriving in Africa, the German tank, they dress in tropical form.

Distribution of mail, the new issue of "Oasis".

German anti-aircraft battery.

There is a sandstorm, the German car moving in a storm.

13. Germany.

Descent on one of the shipyards another submarine.

Loading of supplies and torpedoes.

Discussion of the situation at the Grand Admiral Doenitz.

Marine sent to the campaign.

Submarine at sea.

Seen convoy of the enemy.

Anxiety, the crew takes place in combat schedule.

Issue torpedo explosion.

Ascent boat.

The boat continues on his way.

The shelling of another enemy vessel.

Speaker of the successes of German submariners.

North African campaign; Fleet

Reel №5


The funeral of the chief sanitary inspector of Germany in Berlin, Professor Waldman.

The expression of condolences to the family.


The coffin, covered flag.

Bowed flags.


Key words

Germany, funeral, funeral ceremony

Reel №6


German engineers-railwaymen at work.

German cars are on the dirt.

Out of the car engineers.

They start to work.

The piling.

The construction of the bridge.

Installation of steel structures.


The finished span.

It delivered the material for the next flight.

Some points of construction.

Locomotive train goes over the bridge



Parade of the Wehrmacht on the occasion of the second anniversary of the reyhsprotektorata Bohemia and Moravia /15.3.1939/.

Solemn passage.

Reichsprotektor Neurath and generals.

The elderly President of the protectorate Hacha.

Are machinery, guns, tanks.

Works by the German operator


Oil fields on the territory of the General governorship.


Oil workers.

Drilling rig.

Going oil.

It is collected in the tank.


Fuel tanks


Public holiday in Bratislava.

Slovak and Nazi flags.


President Tiso and his entourage.

Soldiers go.







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