The first days of the Great Patriotic War (1941)

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Scene №1 The first days of the Great Patriotic War

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VM Molotov face Speaker sockets on the pole.

People listen to Molotov's speech on the radio.

People's faces.

People listen to the speech, leaning out of the cab locomotive.

People's faces.

Meeting at the plant "Red Proletarian" on the first day of the Great Patriotic War.

Factory worker Ryzhov speaks at a rally.

People listening to the Ryzhov.

A person working.

Acts foreman Kamensky.

People listening to the Kamensky.

General view of the meeting (above).

Meeting at the plant "Hammer and Sickle."

At a rally in favor foreman Turtanov.

People listening to the Turtanova.

Stadnikov worker advocates.

People listening to the Stadnikov.

Ponomarev acts as a factory worker.

People listening to the Ponomarev.

People applauded speech Ponomarev.

General view of the meeting.

Women from Kolomna sanitary squads go to the assembly point, above the balcony waving a flag with a red cross.

Women with gas bags out of the doors of the building.

Members of the sanitary squads receive sanitary bags, stretchers.

Woman gives equipment.

A woman picks up a fire extinguisher.

Woman with medical bag out of the doors of the building.

Medical orderly go to the gathering place.

Members of the squad get medical bag.

A woman ties a white scarf.

Women helping each other to wear armbands with a red cross.

Druzhinnitsy tie white kerchiefs on their heads.

Druzhinnitsy built and go.

A sign with the inscription "kolkhoz sandruzhina village Gorodets".

Women run the alarm to the storage of medicines and health equipment.

Issuance of equipment and sanitary bags squad members.

Druzhinnitsy in overalls ran out of the door of the warehouse.

Druzhinnitsy built in the yard and go.

The commander of the fire boat "Chapaevets" an alarm using the ship's bell.

Hand with stopwatch.

The ship's bell, an alarm is triggered.

Fire brigade boat runs out onto the deck.

Firefighters wearing gas masks and helmets.

The boat departs from the pier.

Commander watching from the shore with binoculars for the actions of the team boats.

Burning wooden barge near the shore.

From the window of the room on a barge is thick smoke.

The jets of water from the board of fire boats.

Burning barge watered.

Extinguish the fire on board the boats.

Firefighters extinguish a fire, standing at the side of the boat.

The boat passes by burning barge spraying it with water.

The boat had extinguished the barge.


Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov - statesman and political figure

Calendar: 06.22.1941 - 06.24.1941

Locations: Moscow [820] Kolomna Moscow region [788]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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