Tonwoche 1938 № 420

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Reel №1

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Day of the German Army in Germany.

Over the stadium in Nuremberg, filled with soldiers, flying light aircraft, sit down on the field.

Performing aerobatics in the sky.

Landing a helicopter on the field.

On the podium, Hitler, Hess, generals.

Faces of the audience.

Hitler takes the parade.

Pass the Army Corps of Engineers with pontoons, rides mechanized artillery, tanks, armored vehicles, infantry marching sailors.

Germany: Wehrmacht soldiers on maneuvers.

Soldiers marching down the road, traveling by truck, horse artillery, cavalry.

Troops in the woods.

Soldier unwinds the wire.

The emergence of "enemy" aircraft.

Six horses pulled a gun. soldiers set it in the field.

Signalman runs with the coil, radio operator at the transmitter.

Masked soldiers in the field. go on the attack.

Shoot machine guns, cannons.

Children watching the gunners.

Horn blows "lights out."

Germany: output from the hangar airship "Graf Zeppelin", a gondola team.

Flight of blimp in the sky Hopshtadta, the cathedral.

UK: British Prime Minister N.Chemberlen comes out of his residence at 10 Downing Street, sits in the car.

Chamberlain arrives in Munich, he meets German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

Chamberlain goes to the villa Hitler's Berghof.

Honor guard at the villa.


A. Hitler
R. Hess
Chamberlain N.



Military exercises and maneuvers; Air force; Foreign policy
Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation; Policy

Reel №2

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Hitler met Chamberlain on the stairs.

Types of terrain from the villa.

Chamberlain's trip to Germany.

The airport crowd meets the Prime Minister, he made a speech about the meeting with the Führer.

Czechoslovakia: meeting French Prime Minister Daladier in Prague.

Daladier visiting the city of Liberec.

Ruins of houses, broken machine.

Shield Bohemian Club "Liberec".

People on the street in the newspapers, read the announcement of Dr.

Sobotka on the military situation.

Czech soldiers marching, galloping horse artillery.

Hours at the border.

Women go on the road.

People fleeing the city, a man brings children across the river.

Refugees with things.

Across the river induce temporary walkways, car rides.

Border with Germany.

Czech folskdoyche cross the border.

Go boys, throw their hands in the Nazi salute.

Women with children.

Czech border guards talking to refugees.

Germany: Hitler and Chamberlain meeting at Godesberg on the Rhine in September 1938.

Flags of England and Germany.

View of the city and the river, the ship on the river.

Hitler and Himmler guard of honor.

Residents welcome them.

Motorcade travels through the city, Hitler stands in an open car.

Hitler enters the building.

Arrival Chamberlain, he is met by Ribbentrop, leading to the building.

Hitler met British Prime Minister.

Hall of negotiations.

Flags of the two countries.

Key words

Sudeten crisis Munich Agreement


Chamberlain N.
A. Hitler
Ribbentrop I.
Himmler G.


Czech Republic

Foreign policy; Wars, conflicts and disasters