Tonwoche № 430 (1938)

Newsreel №54976, 1 part, duration: 0:11:14
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Turkey: Funeral K.Atatyurka in Istanbul in November 1938.

Memorial hall.

Coffin in a hearse driven down the street, followed the coffin officials, soldiers, sailors, are wreaths.

The coffin was forwarded to the ship.

Germany: Speech Y.Gebbelsa on German culture at a meeting on the 5th anniversary of the CDP. In the box sits Dr.


Symphony Orchestra performs on stage.

A sports festival at the stadium.

Athletes perform exercises.

Germany: everyday scenes in the tram.

People go on the tram, a man reading a newspaper, his neighbor looks at her.

Suitable conductor.

Man offers a neighbor to pay the fare.

Germany: 2nd anniversary of the "Anti-Comintern Pact", signed November 25, 1936.

The signing of the agreement, "the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo" in Berlin.

From the German side, the agreement signed by Foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

Ribbentrop's speech before a microphone in his office.

China: events Sino-Japanese War.

Japanese troops landed on the shore with boats.

Refugees in Canton, people are trying to get on boats and ships.

The bombardment of the city.

On the streets in trucks traveling soldiers.

Fires in the city, the city in smoke.

Japanese soldiers in Hankou.

Refugees are ferried by boat.

The soldiers in the city, the ruins of houses, fires.

The European quarter of the city, British soldiers behind a high fence.

Japanese flag on the waterfront, the Chinese soldiers waving a white flag.

Meeting two Japanese infantry units and sailors.

Germany: German oath taking ceremony of new recruits in Arnstadt.

The officer read out the text of the oath before the troops, the soldiers repeated after him.


Germany: 6th peasant festival in Goslar.

People dancing on stilts in their national costumes.

Dance in hats with models.

Tyrolean dance.

Germany: at the Sports Palace in Berlin are the skaters Gerber Maxi and Ernst Baier.


Goebbels J.

Locations: Turkey [224] Germany [84] China [46]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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