On air routes 1987 № 7

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Director: Rodivilin V., Tomberg V.

Operators: Kaznin A., Komarnickij S., Tihomirov I.


1. "The first polar expedition - 50 years." 2. "Ka-32". 3. "TU-134SKH." 4. "They are going to become aviators."

Air transport

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The first polar expedition - 50 years."

Man looking through binoculars.

Photos of the expedition in 1937.

Chronicle 1937 .: Aircraft on the field.

The plane takes off.

View to the North Pole from the plane.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Plane in the sky.

Vodop'yanov MV at the helm.

Grandmother MS at the helm.

Navigator Spirin IT paving the course.

Planes fly over the pole (shooting from the cockpit).

Alexeev AD in the cab.

Aircraft flying in the sky.

The navigator makes a mark in the map.

The plane lands on the snow.

Shmidt OJ The pilots gather outside the aircraft.

Flag of the Soviet Union.

The operator removes the members of the expedition to the camera.

A group of people at the plane.

Icebreaker at sea.

In the sky flying aircraft.

Scientists on the drifting station NP-23.

Chronicle 1937 .:

Drifting station SP-1.



Flies over Lake Ka-32 helicopter with cargo.

The load in the grid (shooting from a helicopter).

The pilot at the controls.

The helicopter hovers above the ground.

The pilot follows the readings.

Landing a helicopter.

Operating a helicopter rotor.

People unload a helicopter.

The pilot looks out of the cab.

Helicopter lifts construction details.

Flying over the tundra.

The pilots in the cockpit.


The helicopter is spinning in place.


The pilots in the cockpit.

The sky flying Tu-134. Laboratory on the plane.

Scientists set up the equipment.

Animation: mapping using body-scanning complex.

Images are being recorded.

VNIITS Agroresurs.

Operators work on a computer.

Processing and analysis of information.

Interview with the head of the Center G.I.Popovym and other staff.

An operator charges a film recorder.

Data on monitors.

Map: Kizlyar pastures.

Airplane on the airfield.

"They are going to become aviators."

Children run out from under the trees.

Parachutists landing on the ground.

Riga club for young pilots F.A.Tsandera name.

Pupils wear helmets and climb into the plane.

Teacher teaches classes on the simulator.

Lectures in the classroom.

Students learn the equipment, try on helmets, read books.

V.P.Talba flight engineer, head of the club.

Pupils in the cockpit.

Pupils learn on a ladder engine.

Man goes through photography.

Landing parachutist.

Detachment of the school.

Report detachment commander.


ID Papanin - Scientist, researcher.
Vodop'yanov MV - Pilot, explorer.
Grandmother MS - Pilot, explorer.
Spirin IT - Pilot, explorer.
Alexeev AD - Pilot, explorer.
Schmidt O. - Scientist, researcher.


The Republic of Dagestan

Agriculture; Childhood and youth; Expeditions and discoveries; Heroes of Space
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