Agricultural rehabilitation (1941-1947)

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Scene №1 Agricultural rehabilitation

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General view of the destroyed quarter one of the cities of Germany.

Soviet soldier cleans the surface of the gun barrel.

Soldier smokes, throws a cigarette butt.

Sleeping soldiers.

A branch of a blossoming apple tree.

Soldiers rest, wash, shave, brush boots.

Shaving soldiers.

A branch of a blossoming apple tree.

Trees on the edge of the forest.

Tractor plowing the ground.

Horse pulling a harrow.

Rural landscape.

Mountain scenery.

Steppenwolf farm.

The tractor is on the field by the broken German tank.

Goats graze near a black and abandoned tank.

The kid on the armor of the tank.

Goats graze around the tank.

Grass grows through the tank tracks.

German aircraft wreckage.

Turret, dragging in tow on the ground.

The girl behind the wheel of a tractor, pulling tower.

The tower is dragged along the ground.

People dig the trench.

Remains of barbed wire.

Rural landscape.

Woman sharpens scythe to mow the grass starts.

People mow grass on coastal meadow.

Ate on the river bank.

General view of the river.

General view of the countryside, on a hill stands the church.

People in the meadow mowed grass.

Women overturned hay rake.

Rural landscape.

Black clouds covered the sky.

Sunflowers bend in the wind.

Last minute ears of wheat.

Women run away from the burning village.

Weeping Woman with child in her arms.

People stealing cattle, burning houses.


Mill, followed by a column of black smoke.

Calendar: 1941-1947

Locations: Ukraine

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

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Beds at the experimental field.

Academician Lysenko ETC. examines samples of seedlings in the greenhouse.

Lysenko's face.

Breeder Lorch AG examines grown on the experimental field of potato tubers.

Lorch face.

Potato field.

Lorch makes notes in a journal.

Academician Tsitsin NV examines the ears of wheat.

Tsitsin marks the ears, turning them into paper.

Wheat field.

Agronomists farm "The Wrestler" examine the ears of new wheat varieties.

Passes through the village farmer on a cart.

Woman on the field during harvesting potatoes.

Chairman of the collective farm "Way Ilyich" Kopeikin MA riding a bicycle in the village.

Kopeikin approaching the cabbage field, gets off the bike.

General view of the cabbage field, cabbages, stacked in piles.

Kopeikin talking with farmers, holding, head of cabbage.

Girl standing at the tractor driver of the tractor.

Intermediate Production traktoristka D. Garmash talking with the girls.

Garmash face.

Reztsova A. driving a tractor.

Pig sitting in nursing piglets pigs.

Face hog woman Mareskovoy EA Piglets sucking milk from a pig.

Pigs, piglets next run.

Pig chase a herd of pigs on the farm.

Grazing pigs.

Calves look out of the bullpen.

The head of the calf.

Calf feeding calves milk.

The head of the calf.

Workers of the dairy farm farm "October 12" inspect calf.

Head of the farm Malinin PA examines the calf.

Milkmaid milking cows in the field.

Zootechnician Shteiman SI examines the cow.

Shteiman cow pats on the head.

Milkmaid milking a cow on the side of the stream.

Cows in the pasture.

The train approaches the station, greeters are bouquets of flowers.

Women carrying bouquets of flowers.

Women who meet the train.

Woman unloads a pig out of the car, a man passes.

Women discharged from the car pigs and sheep.

The girl has a black sheep, puts it on the ground.

Out of the car and unloaded gone cow.

Women are brought through the village cows.

Women wash their cows in the river.

People are carrying logs.

Carpenters begin to hew logs.

Demobilized soldier hew a log with an ax.

People build a house made of logs.

People sawing logs end two-handed saw.

The old man inserts a new opening window frame.

Newly built villas.

The inscription on the new processor: "Krasnoyarsk kommunar."

The new processors are designed to be sent to the liberated areas of the USSR. Work writes on board the combine, "liberated regions of Ukraine."

The inscription on the board Harvester: "liberated regions of Belarus."

New track-type tractors are waiting for loading on railway platforms.


Trofim Denisovich Lysenko - breeder, a scientist Lorch Alexander G. - breeder, a scientist Tsitsin Nikolai - a botanist, a breeder, a scientist

Calendar: 1945-1947

Locations: Kalinin region Vologda region [774] Kostroma region [782] Krasnoyarsk [923] Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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