Film-travel almanac 1976 № 105

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Director: Berman V., Zakrevskij Yu., Klyuchnikov A., Mamedov D.

Script writers: Zakrevskij Yu., Larin O., Minc L., Safiev N.

Operators: Mamedov D., Sologubov N., Fomichev L., Shuplyakov Yu.

Composers: Stihin E.

Text writers: Braslavskij L.


1. The "Gateway to the Pacific Ocean." 2. "Witnesses of centuries past." 3. "At the edge of the wooden horses." 4. "tourist routes in Poland."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Gateway to the Pacific Ocean.

Sea waves, the distance can be seen ashore.

View of waves from the spacecraft.

Model ship-corvette "America".


Old map.

The bow wave of cuts.

Waves poured coastal cliffs.

Sea surface.

Bay views from the shore.

Ships in the Bay.

Panorama finds.

Ships in port.

Port cranes.

Construction in Wrangel Bay.

Unloading forest.

Past berths are tugs.

Nose tow.

Captain at the helm.

Tug Boat in the bay.

The ship "Khabarovsk".

Panorama finds.

2. Witnesses of centuries past.

View of the Moscow River from the embankment (shooting from the car).


The trees (shooting from the car).

The movement of road traffic along the Garden Ring.

Park alley.

Wood skips protein.

The view from behind the trees of the pond.

Above the trees, smoke rising.

Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye Church of the Ascension.

The front gate.

Tower of St.

Nicholas Monastery Korelskogo.

Park alley.

The trunk of the oak.

Pond in the park.

Old oak.

Apothecary Garden, employee watering plants.

Watering installation on the flower bed.

Larch planted by Peter I. Gazebo in the garden.

View of the church from the opposite bank of the river, the river floats your boat.

Old trees.

Paintings dedicated fire in Moscow 1812.

Old trees.

Images of old Moscow.

The pond and the park on Chistoprudny Boulevard.

Birch Grove in Sokolniki.

Park alley.

A plaque on the wall of the Forest School.

People plant trees on the avenue.

Park avenue, the trees.

In the pond ducks.

Star on the Kremlin tower.


Primorsky Krai



Construction; Moscow; History
Sectors of the economy; Towns and countries; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

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3. At the edge of the wooden horses.

Sunset over the river.

Blooming willow, spring flood water in the forest.

Haystack beyond the fence.

Willow branch, windmill.

Children go fishing on the shore.

Wooden Church.

Wooden houses and barns.

Past barns wagon rides.

People walk under a canopy.

Carpenter repairing banister.

Skating on the roof (wooden architecture).

Images of horses on household items.

Ice drift on the river.

Ice floes on the shores of the Pinega.

Cargo ships at berth.

Working colors ship item.

Along the coast is situational boat.

The crew of the boat in the wheelhouse.

View Pinega due firs.

The spring flood.

Trees in the water, the river is a boat.

The captain and navigator in the cockpit.

Landscapes on the river banks.

Man looking through binoculars.

View of the city.

Signs on the beach, the river is a boat.

Dockside crane unloads the boat.

By berth suitable aerokater.

Kids on the dock, the boat sits in person.

Aerokater moving away from the coast, children run away.

View of the village with water.

Spring timber rafting.

Cargo barge.

Work harbor cranes, passes by motorboat.

Sunset over the river.

4. Poland's tourist routes.

Poznan Town Hall.

Antique clock.

Girl photographs clock.

Alternation: vintage clock faces.

Monument A.B.Mitskevichu.

The streets of Poznan, urban transport.

Historic building.

University A.B.Mitskevicha.

The fountain in front of the Opera House.

The driver behind the wheel of the bus.

Those passengers.

Biskupinskoe lake.

In the field go storks.

Tour group walks into the old wooden fortress.

Structures within Biskupinskogo settlement (houses, sidewalks, walls).

People on the bus.

Guided group to WilanГіw Palace.

Fragments of the exterior design of the palace.

People walk on the park alleys.

Halls of the palace, the museum exhibits.

Guided group leave the palace.

Forms of the modern part of the city.


Arkhangelsk region



Folk Art; Sea and river transport; History of foreign countries
National culture; Culture and Arts; Transportation; Sectors of the economy; History