Film-travel almanac № 106 (1975)

Newsreel №55063, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:19
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Burkovskij K., Zakrevskij Yu., Mamedov D., Holjnij G.
Screenwriters:Burkovskij K., Zakrevskij Yu., Zvereva M., Holjnij G.
Camera operators:Kreps G., Mamedov D., Mahov B., Sologubov N.
Composers:Saveljev G.
Text authors:Belokurov L.


1. "Across the river Pechora". 2. "Palanga, the beginning of winter." 3. "Muranovo - home of poets." 4. "In the mountains of the Hindu Kush."

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. For the river Pechora.

Animation: the boundaries of the National Park on the map of the Komi Republic.

Barge on the River.

Alloy forest.

Cargo barge.

River View Shchugor (shot from a helicopter).

The river is motorboat.

Panorama rocks on the shores of Big Synya.

Tourists in a rubber boat.

River rapids.

The man in the undergrowth by the river.

View from the river to the hills.

Panorama Mountains.

Panoramas loaches and mountain lakes.

Geomorphological sites in the spurs of the Urals.

The river at the foot of the cliffs.

Wild grass.

Stalactites in the cave.

Scientists are exploring the cave with torches.

Left touristy junk.

Dried burned tree.

Mountain waterfall.

Flowering bush on the rocks.

Bear near water.

Teddy bear on a pine tree.

The chicks owls.

On the grass runs badger.

View of the river from the forest.

From out of the tent people.

Man spreads fire.

View of the park from the opposite bank of the river.

People study the map.

Wild grass.

People walk along the trail.

Forest view from the river.

Man crossing the river on the rocks on the mountain backdrop.

Stones under water.

Panorama of forest along the banks of the river.

2. Palanga, the beginning of winter.

Alternation: surf, people walk along the beach.


People walk in the park.

In the pond swans and ducks.

A man feeds a bird from the hand.

People are fed a protein, the proteins take refreshments and run the trunks of trees.


People come into the dining room.

Women are gaining and drink water from a hot spring.

People in the shop (view from the street through a window).

Holiday houses.

Guided group at the entrance to the Amber Museum.

Alternation: people view the museum exhibits through magnifying devices, samples of amber.

Amber necklace.

Amber Master handles on the machine.


People pass the bridge near the hotel complex.

People greeted the sunset by the sea.

The sun over the waves.

Locations: Ural [920] Komi Republic [747] Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. Muranovo - home of poets.

Landscapes in the surroundings Muranovo.

On the field, the horses graze.

A stack of hay.

Blooming sunflowers.

Tree leaves.

Literary-Memorial Museum-Estate.

Manor park with a pond.

Rooms House Museum.

Portrait E.A.Baratynskogo.

Collection of poems E.A.Baratynskogo.

Furnishings living room.


Posthumous cast from the face of the poet.

The sculptural portrait of the poet in the museum.

Home library.

Alternation of portraits on the walls, collections of poetry with the works Tyutchev.

The rooms of the museum.

Exhibits on display.

Portrait Gallery.

The atmosphere of the room.

View to the park.

Children's hut.

Forest stream.

Edge of the Forest.

Country road.

4. In the Hindu Kush mountains.

Plane over the Iranian plateau (panoramic view of the mountains, the engine of the aircraft).

Plane on taxiway.

Panorama foothills.

Flag in front of the administrative building.

Ancient Mosque.

The streets of Kabul.

Suburban houses on the rocks (shooting from the car).

Suspension bridge across the river.

Mountain View, bus rides on the road.

Snow on the road through the Salang Pass.

Caravan of camels.

Cars call in the tunnel.

Mountain View through the tunnel support.

View of the section under construction tunnel.

Vehicles on the road.

Men changing a wheel.

On the road passing truck.

Panorama of the Bamiyan Valley.

Cave Monastery.

Bamiyan statues, large and small Buddha (destroyed by the Taliban in the spring of 2001).

Cave-cells of Buddhist monks.



People go down the hill to the road.

Panoramic views of the valley.

Locations: Moscow region [788] Afghanistan [250]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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