Soviet Central Asia (1929-1931)

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Scene №1 Soviet Central Asia

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Station duty officer sends a signal to the train left with a wave of the flag and whistle.

Hand scapegoat that carries rail shooter.

Translated arrow.

Moving the car, on the wall of the car - a slogan calling for the state to hand over cotton.

The wall of the moving car.

Plaque on the wall of the car with the inscription: "Wagon version of the" Truth of the East ".

The editorial staff opens a window of the car.

Employee passes through the window stack of newspapers.

People stand at the car waiting for newspapers.

From the window of the car give a bundle of newspapers.

People stand at the car.

Flying through the air dropped leaflets.

Participants of the rally holding a banner.

Meeting dedicated to harvesting cotton on the area of one of the cities of Central Asia.

Participants of the meeting are slogans.

Waving banners.

Slogans calling for the achievement of cotton independence of the USSR. People are carrying slogans.

People work in the cotton.

The boy picks cotton.

The girl's face.

Hand to pluck the ripe cotton.

Girl pick cotton.

Brass band musician plays the trumpet, looking at the musical line.

Hands of the musician.

Brass band plays.

Extending from the train station.

Men in robes and skullcaps are in the car and wait for landing.

Porters set boxes on the platform.

Human hand pushing a car wheel.

On the platform moves down vehicle on board with the inscription: "1st Sound Vostokkino expedition."

Wheel of a moving car.

Car passing on the street near-station of the village, followed by the running man.

Children sitting on a pile of cotton.

The car rides on the street of the village, raising clouds of dust, the old man sitting on the sidelines.

The wheel of the car, stuck in the pit with water.

People enclose branches under the wheels.

People line the limp from the water the way a tree branch.

Muzzle of a horse.

Horse harnessed to the stuck vehicle.

People are pushing the car.

Wheel slips in the mud.

The car pulled out of the pit Van kinoekspeditsii passing on the street one of the old Uzbek cities.

People make way ahead of the car.

Man with a tray on his head reads the inscription on board the vehicle.

People in the market are around the vehicle, the operator sets in the back of a movie camera.

The boy looks at the operator.

The cameraman and his assistant prepare the camera for use.

General view of the bazaar.

Merchant melons and pumpkins sitting at the wheel of the cart with the goods.

Laid on the ground pumpkins and melons.

The buyer tries melon.

Trader is sitting at the wheel of the cart.

Merchants grapes weighed goods.

Hand dealer, who takes the bunch.

Buyers in the market.

Dealer of fresh cakes demonstrates to the customer.

Cakes on a platter.

Face of a man playing the tune.

Wandering Artist shows people walking in the bazaar on stilts.

Dancers on stilts.

Faces of the audience.

Muezzin calls out from the minaret call to prayer.

View of the city (top).

View of the mosque (above).

Minaret tower.

People go to the prayer area.

People gather on the square in front of the mosque.

People go to the mosque.

People come to the mosque.

People spread out prayer rugs on the square in front of the mosque.

The person praying.

People make a prayer.

Spin prayer.

Dome of the mosque.

Arabic inscription on the dome of the mosque.

Praying in the square sink to his knees.

People continue to pray.

Praying on the square in front of the mosque.

Backs worshipers.

Praying on their knees, bowed their heads to the ground.

Key words

Cotton growing

Calendar: 1929-1931

Locations: Tajikistan [215] Uzbekistan [236]



Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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