Film-travel almanac № 102 (1975)

Newsreel №55089, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:06
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Demin D., Mamedov D., Marinova V.
Screenwriters:Kemarskij N., Marinova V., Nadzhafov G.
Camera operators:Golubov G., Mamedov D., Nikeljberg L.
Composers:Volkov K.
Text authors:Korop P.
Other authors:Golubov G.


1. "Gates of Siberia." 2. "Seal Island". 3. "Stone chronicle of Gobustan." 4. "Journey to the Congo."

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The Gates of Siberia.

Winter forest.

Troika rides through the forest.

Snow on the airfield, snowfall.

The plane lands.

A sign at the entrance to the city.

Troika on the city streets.

Streets of Tyumen, roads and transport.

The sun is in the clouds, a blizzard.

An all-terrain vehicle passes by.

Road construction equipment works on the construction of an oil pipeline.

View of the drilling rig.

Alternation: transportation of drilling equipment, a person gives signals.

Work on the drilling rig.

Alternation: a man with a watch in his hand, burning a gas torch.

The worker closes the valve.

GDS structures.

Equipment for road construction.

Felling the forest.

Trucks take out the wood.

The bus enters the cargo plane.

The plane pulls out onto the track.

2. Seal Island.

Alternation: a seagull flies over the water, excitement at sea.

Navy seals on the beach.

Seals in the surf.

Seal rookery.

Rocks protrude from the water.

People on a motor boat.

Sea of Okhotsk.

The boat is in the fog.

Seals dive.

People approach the shore.

The cat growls at the operator.

Seal rookery.

Mating games of adult fur seals.

Females and cubs.

Sea lion rookery.

Top view of the rookery and loading dock.

The photographer enters the observation tower.

The photographer takes pictures from the window of the tower.

Flocks of birds on the shore.

View of the gull colony from the cave.

A man looks through binoculars.

A woman writes in a magazine.

Scientists with a microscope on the veranda of the house.

Navy seals in the water.

View of the island from the sea.

Locations: Tyumen [888] Sakhalin Region [802]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3. Stone chronicles Gobustan.

Kobustansky (Gobustan) State Historical-Artistic Reserve.

Ancient Roman inscription on the rock.

Gobustan Rock.

Rock paintings.

Archaeologists working on the restoration and interpretation of images.

Archaeological remains of ancient settlements.

Alternation: Drawings on the rocks, the man knocks on the surface gavaldasha (stone-drum), Azerbaijani folk dance Yala.

4. Journey through the Congo.

Nature of the Congo jungles and rivers.

Exotic flowers.

Panorama Gorge Devil.

Fishing boats in the water near the shore.

Fishermen in boats.

Women carrying bundles of firewood on their heads.

Rustic hut.


Chickens in the pen.

People work in the garden.

Urban Bazaar.

View of the two-storey house in the trees.

Top view of the streets of the city of Pointe-Noire.

The capital of Brazzaville, medical complex.

The surgeon makes an operation.

Pediatrician examining small children.

Girl reading notes.

Young man with a notebook.

Workers at the plant.

Drilling Station at sea.

Working drilling.

Top view of the platform.

Panorama berths.

Work on the truck.

Loading timber ship.

Manufacture of coating materials.

Masters of wood sculpture.

Artists at work.


Locations: Azerbaijan [17] Congo [51] Congo (Democractic Republic) [52]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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