We Have Seen Lenin.. (1961)

Film-document №5509 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:43, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gurov S.

Script writers: Karavkin U.

Operators: Tsitron V.

Composers: Kholminov A.


A newsreel about the Central Lenin Museum in Moscow.

Temporary description

Film about the Central Lenin Museum in Moscow. The building of the museum. Exhibits and individual exhibits. Visitors on guided tours, including foreign visitors, pioneers and schoolchildren. MV Fofanova tells about Lenin Museum visitors. Photos Lenin different years in the museum. Admission to the pioneers in one of the halls of the museum.

Reel №1

The Central Lenin Museum - MS.

Sign - CU.

CU. - Looking girl looking young man (person).

Animation: Portrait of Lenin - hitting at CU.

CU. - Look Chinese, Arab, black (people).

Portraits of Lenin - CU.

PNRM. the hall of the museum.


Visitors listen to the guide.

Painting "VI Lenin with the workers. "

The manuscript of Lenin's "Marxist Theory of the State."

Exhibits - a table and two chairs from the village of Shushenskoye; box contains the manuscripts of Lenin.

The painting "Lenin goes into exile in Finland."

Cloak belonging FE Dzerzhinsky.

Pocket Watch Lenin - CU.

The painting "Winter Storm".

The painting "The capture of the Red Guards of the Kremlin."

Picture "Chelyabinsk transit point."

Typewriter, on which was printed Lenin's work "What is" Friends of the People "Are and How They Fight the Social-Democrats."

An instance of the first edition in 1894.

Picture: "Shushenskoye", "Lenin in Shusha."

Portrait of the old Communist Lepeshinskaya Lepeshinskaya, met Lenin - CU.

OB Lepeshinskaya, sitting in his office, shares his memories - CU., (Synchronous).

Publishing Layout Leipzig, where he printed the first issue of "Sparks" - an exhibit presented to the museum by the German Communists.

Travel to the newspaper "Iskra".

Photos of revolutionaries who have dedicated themselves to the "Iskra".

Chess table, which secretly has a copy of the newspaper.

Photo - London in 1902, where he published "Iskra".

Photo of the house where Lenin lived in London (home destroyed Hitler's bomb).

Photo: fireplace room Lenin.

The manuscript of Lenin and made their marks - CU.

The painting "Speech VI Lenin at the meeting of the Bolsheviks. "

Picture "Working Presnya."

Poster "Earth".

The paintings "The defeat of the landed estates" and "February Revolution".


During the February Revolution, jubilant people.

The manuscript of Lenin - April Theses.

Painting - "Lenin's speech at the Putilov factory."

The painting "Lenin in Razliv."

Kettle and pot used by the Lenin in Razliv.

Spit, saw, rake - CU.

The work of Lenin's "State and Revolution» - CU.

Visitors to the museum - Various.

Foreign guests visiting the museum.

Reel №2

Visitors to the museum.

Coat, a wig and a certificate in the name of Ivanov's work, with which VI Lenin of the spill crossed into Finland.

Layout of rooms in the apartment Helsingfors driver Blomkvist, which he gave to Lenin in a while.

Young people listen Margarita Vassilyevna Feofanova - the oldest member of the party, who had settled in the apartment returned in the fall of 1917, Peter V. Lenin.

Photos - Bathroom Feofanova.

Overall look of the room, a desk at which Lenin worked.

Stairs in the house (with motion).

Closed iron gates.


Two-time sailor in the Neva.

Street revolutionary Petrograd.

Red Guards armed with fire (at night).

Painting "VI Lenin at Smolny with the soldiers. "

Footage from the film, showing the Winter storm.

In the hall of the museum - visitors are foreigners.

"Izvestia" newspaper, the organ of the Central Executive Committee and the Petrograd Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies, to the posting of it as a "Decree on Peace» - CU.

Several paintings.

Lenin's office in the Kremlin.

Customers visiting the office of Lenin.

The text of the first Constitution.

Painting - "Lenin in a direct line."

Customers visiting the telegraph.

Painting - "Lenin speaks to workers."

Manuscript VI Lenin.

Posters of the Civil War.

Photo: V. Lenin and Lunacharsky.

Painting - "VI Lenin at a volunteer in the Kremlin. "

The car, which was used by Lenin in 1921-1922.

Car number - "236» - CU.

Painting - "VI Lenin's card electrification. "

Lightmaps electrification.

Dam power plant on the Angara, Angara overlap.

Work steelworkers.

Pouring steel.

Visitors tour of the museum.

Painting "Lenin's Walkers", "Lenin in Gorki."

Newspaper reports of the Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties held in Moscow in the autumn of 1960.

Photos of the meeting.

Photos VI Lenin.

Camera, which in the Hills VI Lenin pictures of his sister Maria Ilinichna.

The museum comes Students who are admitted to the Pioneers.

Pioneers make a solemn promise (synchronous), standing in line.

Showing film frames shot at life VI Lenin, in the screening room of the museum.

Live footage of Lenin.