Film-travel almanac 1976 № 113

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Director: Berman V., Klyuchnikov A., Mirimov A., Yurushkina N.

Script writers: Barashev P., Safiev N., Sineljnikov A.

Operators: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Tarasov A., Fomichev L., Yurushkina N.

Composers: Zolotarev V.

Text writers: Belyakov V.

Other authors: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B.


1. "Zeya spring." 2. "Forest Prishvinskoy path." 3. "At the banks of the Volga." 4. "Manila - the capital of the Philippines."

Russian cities and regions | Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Zeya spring.

Siberian natural scenery.

Evenki Spring Festival, folk dances.

Blooming rosemary.


River View.

Timber rafting.

Worker cleans equipment.

Gold mining.

The village across the river.

Streets and residents of the village Zeya.

City Light View.

Urban neighborhoods.

Construction of the Zeya hydroelectric station.

Power lines.

View of the dam.

Zeya reservoir.

View of the dam at dusk.

2. Forest Prishvinskoy path.

Village Dunino.

Museum-Estate M.M.Prishvina.

Memorial plaque.

Rooms house museum exhibits.

View from the window.

Winter forest with branches showered snow.

Figures from the snow in the forest.

Bullfinch on the branch.

SnagIt under the snow.

Squirrel jumps on a pine tree.

Stump under snow.

The squirrel eats nuts.

In the forest the fox runs.

The fleeing hare.


Rabbit under the tree.

Badger gets out of the hole and walks around.

Winter forest, snow.

Los gnawing branches.

Woodpecker on pine trunk.

Sunlight in the forest.



Amur Oblast
Moscow region



Construction; Geography and Nature; Museums and exhibitions
Sectors of the economy; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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3. In the Volga coast.

Water skiing and motor boating.

The coastal thickets and holiday parking.


Sailboats on the water.

A man dries fish.

Woman dries mushrooms.

Campground, tourists by the fires.

On boats raise sail.

Train boaters.

People sitting near the fence.

Flowers on the windowsill country house.

Blooming Dahlia.

Art painting pottery.

Rooster in the grass.

Finished goods.

Harvesting in the field.

River transport.

River View.

Passenger boat.

4. Manila - the capital of the Philippines.

Panoramas of Manila.

Monument H.P.Risal Mercado.

Flag of the Philippines.

View from under the arch.

Remains of the fortress walls.

Alternating: the city, the residents of the capital sights.

Traffic flows Manila.

Types and characteristics of public transport.

Pedestrians on the transitions.

Sea freight.

Soviet ship at the pier.

Unloading of the ship.


City fountains.


Tver region



Life and leisure; Countries of the world
Social life; Towns and countries; Geography and Nature