Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 513

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Producer UFA

Reel №1


The victory in the West.

A retrospective look at the French event.

German troops on the roads of France.

Loading of cargoes for the front.

Machines are sent to the front, they on the highway.

Machinery, abandoned by the British in retreat on the road.

Speaker of the flight of "Jews and plutocrats."

Simple French refugees returning to their homes.

They are in the collection camp.

Children, girl.

Household goods, livestock.

Distribution of food to refugees.

Announcer help Germans civilians.

Refugees with children.

German soldiers in the French POW camp.

They are surrounded by barbed wire.

Distribution of their jackets with the inscription PG / POW /.

German troops enter the French city.


Internment camp for Germans.

Germans welcome their liberators.

Columns of prisoners of the French.

They are in the collection camp.

Black soldiers in front of the camera.

The prisoners eat.

Black soldiers dance.

A column of German soldiers.


A column of German soldiers.

Restoration work.

PNRM. destroyed the railway station.

German sappers under reconstruction, apart the rubble.

Restored railway track, rebuilt bridges, tunnels.

Work in the tunnel.

Members of the organization "Todt" at work.

Welding work.

Work on the restoration of the bridge truss bridge.

The first train is on the reconstruction of the bridge.


France [77] Belgium [22]


Summer [824]

World War II

Reel №2



Pictures of peaceful life under German occupation.

Many ride bikes.

Girls on bicycles.

Passers-by on the streets.

The crowd is a woman in national costume.



Buildings, streets, tram goes.

The people on the street.

People at the tables of street cafes.

Market in the square, selling birds in cages, fruits and vegetables, cheese.

Seller gives try cheese German soldiers.



North Station.

The arrival of the German military transport.

German generals are part of the station building through the turnstiles.

The Eiffel Tower, a German soldier reading a newspaper on its background.

In typography.

Worked as a typesetter.

A reprint of the newspaper.

The printing press.

Conveying newspapers.

The French on the streets listening to German radio messages from radioavtobusa.

Prisoners in work for the release of the Egyptian obelisk in Paris by sandbags and residues wooden frame.

Cleaning the grave of Napoleon.

Madeleine church.

Near it stops the car with the Fuhrer.

He examines the cathedral.

The car on the streets of Paris.

Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, Trocadero.

Fuhrer examines the Eiffel Tower.


Atlantic coast.

Grand Admiral Raeder examines strengthening.

View of the heavy guns.


Dismantling the ruins after the bombing of British aviation.

Ruins of houses, apartments.

People are watching the work of rescuers.


Construction of fortifications in Germany.

PNRM. huge construction machines work.

Go earthworks, construction workers are with wheelbarrows.



Damaged by German aircraft steamer.

The bombardment by the German courts of British aircraft.

German fighters in a counterattack.

Fragments of air combat.

German sailors pas post.


A. Hitler


Germany [84] France [77] Belgium [22] Norway [165] Netherlands [155]


Summer [824]

World War II