Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 596 (1942)

Newsreel №55125, 3 parts, duration: 0:19:31, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Byollinghaus, Burkhardt, Kollinjon, Dressler, Edmund Epkens, Ertlj, Federer, Konrad Fisher, German Funke, Gesslj, Gutier, Kifer, Kilian, Linder, de la Motte, Gustav Vejss, Shvennike i drugie.

Reel №1

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1. Famous Nazi pilot Major Galland in his squadron talks about his exploits.

Galland at the reception of Hitler, the Fuhrer rewarding pilot.

2. Eastern front near Leningrad.

The headquarters of the "Blue Division" on the front, the Spanish officers and soldiers.

General Munoz Grande receives German Iron Cross 1st Class.

Ceremony of delivery.

German sappers restore the bridge.

The movement of cargo convoys carrying food and ammunition.

Rest, bask drivers.

The column continues the way.

Unloading trucks with things in the cold winter.

Soldiers try on things.

3. Germany.

Processing of secondary raw materials.

Women spun wool.

Tying socks for soldiers.

Warehouse of finished products.

4. Eastern Front.

Clearing snow from the car.

Auto repair shops in the rear parts near the front.

German soldiers in the campaign.

Start skirmishes with Soviet troops.

Laying telephone lines, the signalman on the pole.

Fires Artillery.

5. Military operations in the Crimea.

Observation post near Sevastopol, types of terrain.

German soldiers in the trenches, the transmission order of artillery.

The bombardment of Sevastopol Romanian artillery.

Start of German planes at Feodosiya.

Massive raid of German bombers on Theodosius, bombing and shelling of the city.

Infantry attack.

Secondary capture by the Germans Feodosia.

Soviet prisoners of war.

Hitler general, who was awarded the Knight's Cross.

Destroyed by the fierce street fighting the city and harbor.

The ruins at the port, broken Soviet military equipment, damaged vessels.

Dead bodies of the Red Army.

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Reel №2

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6. Military actions in North Africa.

Loading tanks in the Italian port.

Checking ammunition.

Combat aircraft in the air.

View of the sea with ships.

Italian Navy and Air Force guard German transport at sea.

German convoy in the Mediterranean Sea.

Spy plane takes off.

Anxiety on the ship, the sea battle.

Combat crew at the guns.

Unloading transports in Africa.

Rommel at the front, past it passes German technology.

Nastuple of German and Italian motochastey on Benghazi.

Fight with the British dance kami.

Rommel overseeing the battle through binoculars.

Padded British tanks.

German planes attacking enemy.


7. Atlantic.

German submarines in the sea near New York.

Dropping flowers at the place of death of German submariners.

The commander of the boat.

Preparation shells.

Meeting with American cargo ship at night.

Submarine fires.

Torpedoing the ship.

Burning an American ship, sinking it.

The Germans were watching him through binoculars.

The boat continues to follow its own course.

The meeting of two German submarines, exchange greetings.

Repair of radio.

Alarm, immersion in water.

The commander at the periscope, seen the enemy ship.

Start firing torpedoes enemy ship.

The boat floats.

Observers with binoculars.

Boat in rough seas.

Key words

North Africa, world war 2, air force, Navy, sea, tanks, weapons, generals, personalities

Reel №3


Meeting of the Nazis in the Berlin sports Palace on January 30 on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power.

The sight of a huge hall.

The appearance of the Fuhrer, he passes between rows, welcomes the wounded - the guests of honor of this meeting.

Hitler on the podium.

Hitler says that "Providence gives the highest win only the one who remains firm despite adversity and that to win it is first necessary to tireless work in the production of military equipment, weapons and vehicles."


Among the audience - Reich Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels. pnrm. to the auditorium.

The Fuhrer.

The singing of the national anthem.


From the series "What everyone should know".

Coal deposits in Germany.

Miner in the mine.

It with a jackhammer.



The scheme of the cost of coal in Germany.

Loading of coal.

What can you get from coal.


Metallurgical combine.

Barrels of fuel.


Hurtling train with weights.

Unloading of slag from the furnace.


The sample is still suitable coal for reuse.


The fire in the stove.

About the need to save heat, close the doors and Windows.

Hot shop.

War factory.

The manufacture of shells, etc

Key words

Germany, conference, State.figures, personalities, Hitler, Goebbels,
Germany, mine, industry fuel

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