We Are Your Friends, Nature.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kozina E.

Script writers: Aleksin A.

Operators: Vilesova D., Prudnikov M.


Young naturalists (young friends of the Nature) are on a field trip at the lake, in the forest. Forest and lake landscapes.

Temporary description

Yunnatov (Young Friends of Nature) in a hike at the lake in the woods. Forest and lake scenery. Pines, cherries, lilies, lilies, dandelions and mushrooms. Seagulls, tits, deer, beavers, bison, squirrels. Yunnatov ringed birds, fish, cook soup, sit around the campfire. Campground young naturalists.

Reel №1

Lake Kiowa - LS.

Seagulls on the lake - LS.

Above the lake flies flock of seagulls - LS.

Boy's hand with a tight sling - CU.; Hitting - the boy shoots a bird with a slingshot.

On the lake by boat sails three boys.

The boy picks up from the reeds wounded seagull.

Bee on a flower field - CU.

Green Meadows - LS.

Landscape with birches - MS., PNRM. the meadow with flowers.

Flowering forget-me - MS.

Cherry blossoms - MS.

Forest Landscapes - travel, MS.

PNRM. from the tops of the pine trees on the trunks.

Birdhouses on the trunks of the pines - travel, MS.

Naturalists are in the woods, set birdhouses, nest boxes.

In the bird's nest lay eggs - CU.

Bird nest boxes fit into.

In birdhouse sits on oak Starling - MS.

Children listen to the bird songs - CU.

The birds on the trees - MS.

Naturalists in the woods looking at pictures with the birds.

Chicks with open beak in the nest between the trunks of birch trees, blackbird feeding chicks.

The children are watching the chicks in nest boxes.

Chick in nest boxes - MS.

Lilies bloom in the forest - MS.

Lilac Blossoms - CU., MS.

PNRM. crowns on the oil on the blue background - MS.

Naturalists conduct bird banding.

Lani at a lake in a forest near Moscow.

Lan - CU.

Runs with a baby deer.

Doe in the woods.

Walking in a forest glade bison - LS., MS., CU.

Bison with calves.

Beaver dam on the lake.

Beavers in the forest is harvested material for the construction of dams.

Podpilennaya beaver aspen.

Beaver at the entrance to his home - CU.

Overgrown pond in the woods - MS.

Beavers on land and in water.

Dandelions - MS.

Ripe bramble berries on branches - MS., CU.

The boy let fly convalescent tea.

Long Lake - LS.

Tent summer camp in the woods - LS.

Pioneers naturalists are in the woods.

Scientists tell us the pioneers in the forest of plants, birds.

Children listen - CU., MS.

On tree trunk runs protein, protein escapes to the ground, chewing nuts.

Boy looking through binoculars - CU.

Haikumena way through the trunk of the tree to the nest boxes for chicks.

Tit chicks defend, attack Sonia.

Fledgling chicks in the nest - MS.

The children are watching the birds in the forest.

Woods by the lake - LS. PNRM.

The Pioneers led by an experienced angler fishing rods in the lake.

Young anglers on the lake, on the bridge.

Children together with adults pull fishing nets.

Fish Online - MS.

Sunset over the lake - LS.

Peeled potatoes in a bowl, carrots.

Pioneers eat soup.

Children in the evening around the campfire eating, dry shoes.

Pioneer bonfire by the lake - LS. (Night).

Pioneers of the fire - LS.

Landscapes lakes and forests - LS.

Boletus, who grew up near the birch - CU.

Lake Kiowa - LS.

Gulls over the lake.

Boy Gene Kirsanov produces tea for free.

Seagull above the lake - CU.