Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 616 (1942)

Newsreel №55132, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:16

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Funeral in Munich 18/06/1942 Major General Adolf Hyunlyayna (head of the National Socialist car body).

Order of the deceased.

The arrival of the Fuehrer, he expressed his condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.

Goebbels speech about the merits in the development of motorization Hyunlyayna in Germany.

Laying a wreath from the Führer.

Hitler at the tomb.

The coffin was carried out of the building.


The funeral procession walks down the street.

2. Norway.

Grand Admiral Raeder inspects naval units stationed in the north of Norway.

Discussion with officers of martial law.

Raeder bypass operation sailors.

Cruiser, Raeder speech to sailors.

Laying a wreath at the monument to the Nazi sailors who died in Narvik.

3. The southern section of the Eastern Front.

Transport vehicles deliver replenishment.

Residents waving their hands in greeting.

Soldiers, Marines go to the east, traveling cyclists.

German soldiers in new positions.

RAD Soldiers on the construction of military fortifications.

Lunch break.

In the area of Kharkov.

Tankers are preparing for battle.

German troops in the Ukrainian village.

Moving tanks under fire from Soviet artillery.

Tanks are stepping up the river.

Mine clearance and marking its location.

Infantry and tanks are moving forward on a dirt road.

Shoots tank, shoot guns.

Calculation at the guns.

Burning Soviet and American tanks.

Fragments of the battlefield.

Shooting guns, lined with Soviet tanks, explosions.

Plaque Soviet aircraft.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Infantry moving forward.

Reel №2

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Soviet POWs, leaving their trenches.

The column of prisoners is on the road.

4. The fighting in the Crimea.

Map of Crimea.

German tanks are on the dusty road, shot gun, charging guns, explosions.

The bombardment of Sevastopol from the heavy guns.

Shoot shells and empty boxes out of the shells.

German General Confer with officers.

German observers.

Cleaning minefields.

The arrival of new units.

Infantry in the highlands.

Soviet prisoners of war have destroyed the bunker, the corpses of soldiers.

Antitank fortifications, broken tools.

View of the Bear Mountain, explosions.

Shoots a machine gun.

Develop a plan for the operation.

Charging the gun, it shoots.

German planes in the air, the pilot in the cockpit.

Type of territory from the air.

The bombardment of Sevastopol city is clearly visible.

Squadron in the air.

Reel №3

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5. Mediterranean Sea.

German planes raid on English convoy.

Fragments of the battlefield.

English-board artillery in action (pictures from the English Chronicle).

Planes in the air.

Damaged enemy ships.

German ships in the sea, shelling enemy ships.

The explosion in the English ship, it burns and sinks.

6. North Africa.

Fighting in Marmarik.

Rommel on the hill watching the progress of the battle.

The movement of German troops and tanks to Tobruk in the desert.

Unwinding of barbed wire.

Designation of mined areas.

German observers.

Italian infantry attack on the Gazelle.

British aircraft shot down.

Rommel watches through binoculars the progress of the operation.

English Lit lined equipment destroyed enemy tanks.

Marines in the desert.

Sappers, to construct the crossing of the anti-tank ditch.

General Rommel, equipment on the road.

Captured by the British.

German tanks on the road, the capture of Tobruk.

Are tanks.

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