Moscow Is Greeting Astronaut# 2.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Podgoreckaya O.


On the greeting of the astronaut German Titov who has performed a flight on the spaceship "Vostok-2" ["East-2"].

Historical background

August 9 in Moscow, a solemn meeting of the hero, astronaut, Major Titov, committed on board the spaceship "Vostok-2" more than 17 revolutions around the globe in 25 hours 17 minutes.

Temporary description

Film about a meeting cosmonaut Titov, committed space flight on board the Vostok-2 6-7 August 1961. City of Moscow. Occur at the airport, including relatives Titov, N. Khrushchev, Nikita Khrushchev, Yuri Gagarin. Titov gave a report Khrushchev (synchronously). Ticker motorcade in Moscow. The demonstration and rally in Red Square. Speakers: Titov, NS Khrushchev (synchronously).

Reel №1

Radio tower.

Soviet people in the street listening to a message on the radio about the launching of the "Vostok-2" with a man on board - CU.

People in the car listening to the radio - MS.

People in the square listening to the radio.


Portrait cosmonaut Titov - CU.

Photo: German Titov parents - father and mother Stepan Pavlovich Alexandra.

The school building in the village, where he studied German Titov.

German Titov fishing.

German Titov on physical fitness training.

Pilot-Cosmonaut Titov leaves the chamber.

Titov with his wife Tamara for a walk at ENEA shortly before his space flight.

Animation: around the world marked the turns that made the cosmonaut Titov.

People on Red Square with portraits of Khrushchev and Titov, with slogans in honor of G. Titov.

Telegraph machine prints the text message - CU.

Exit Print congratulatory telegrams to the Party Central Committee and the Soviet government with a victory over the cosmos.

In the air, "IL-18", accompanied by honorary escort fighters - LS. PNRM.

At the Vnukovo airport Khrushchev congratulating relatives Titov - parents, wife, etc.

N. Khrushchev Tamara Titova at the airport.

N. Khrushchev parents congratulates Titov.

Khrushchev, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, Tamara Titova and others at the airport.

Greeted with flowers at the airport.

Airfield for the arrival Titov - LS. (Top point).

Khrushchev, Brezhnev, V. Mikoyan, FR Kozlov, NT Ignatov, Mikhail Suslov, IA Mukhitdinov and others on the podium at the airfield.

Arrived in Moscow by plane Titov goes to the podium, gave a report to Nikita Khrushchev (synchronously).

Khrushchev warm hugs astronaut, represents the leaders of the party and the government.

German Titov greets parents, other Gagarin.

The people at the airport welcome astronaut.

Photographers and cameramen will shoot from the tower at the airport.

Pioneers welcome astronaut.

Cosmonaut Titov, Nikita Khrushchev, wife Tamara Herman and others are sent to the airport to Red Square.

The people in the streets greet astronaut.

Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin (the clock is 2 hours and 30 minutes of the day), the stands filled with people from the rostrum of the Lenin Mausoleum Khrushchev, Gagarin and Titov greet people.

The people in the area are applauding.

Reel №2

From the podium of the Mausoleum Titov made a speech (synchronously).

Khrushchev near Titov.

The people at Red Square - commonly.

Speaker Khrushchev (synchronously).

View of Red Square during a rally in honor of meeting an astronaut - Various.

The portrait of Lenin on the building of GUM - EEK.

The demonstrators have a portrait of Titov.

Yuri Gagarin on the podium of the Mausoleum - kr.

Titov on the podium of the Mausoleum - kr.

FR Kozlov, Leonid Brezhnev. N. Mikoyan.

Mikhail Suslov, NG Ignatov, and others on the podium.

On the Red Square protesters sneaked portraits of Lenin and the cosmonauts Gagarin and Titov.

Wife of Yuri Gagarin on the podium guest applaud - kr.

Pioneers presented with flowers to parents and relatives Titov.

Khrushchev embracing Titov.

Muscovites and foreigners in the area and on the guest bleachers applauded.

Reception at the St.

George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in honor of the astronaut-2 Titov: a hall pass Khrushchev, G. Titov with his wife.

Gagarin and his wife, father and relatives Titov.

Mikhail Suslov, Mikoyan, FR Kozlov, NA Mukhitdinov.

Voroshilov, Leonid Brezhnev, DS Polyansky, AA Andreev at the reception.

Khrushchev made a speech at the reception.

With the response, the advocates Titov.

Foreign diplomats, guests congratulate Titov.

Brezhnev congratulates astronaut-2 and gives him the Order of Lenin, the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, the badge of the "Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR.

In the hall applauded.

Celebratory fireworks over Red Square, on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower - Wed, cr.