The origin of religion (1986)

Documentary №55143, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:48, black-white
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:M. Bakenbaeva
Screenwriters:I. Sergeeva
Camera operators:A. Chernov
Other authors:N. Shknevskaya, L. Kuholeva, L. Samohina


The film tells about the origin of religion, beliefs and superstitions of various peoples.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dramatization: a primitive man draws an image of an animal on the wall of a cave.

Expedition to the Cape Cave.

Rock carvings in the Kapova cave.

Members of the expedition inside the cave.

Images of people and animals on the cave wall.

Images of bison on the walls of caves in Spain and France.

Image of a horse in the Montespan cave.

A fragment of one of the rock paintings.

Figures of primitive people in the museum's exposition, reconstruction of the ancient man's parking lot.

Drawing with the image of primitive people.

An archaeologist examines the remains of primitive man.

Conducting radioisotope analysis of skeletal bones.

Sculptural portraits of pithecanthropus and sinanthropus, reconstructed from their skulls.

Neanderthal sculpture.

A drawing depicting the burial rite of a Neanderthal.

Archaeologists during excavations.

Release of the Cro-Magnon skull bones from the sand and earth.

Photographing finds.

Remains from a Cro-Magnon burial discovered near Vladimir.

Reconstruction of the appearance of primitive man in the Laboratory of Plastic reconstruction.


Sculptural portraits of Cro-Magnons.

Making fire by friction.

The natives of Polynesia on the river near the boat.

Ritual dances in the tribes living in Polynesia and the Amazon Valley.

Masks for religious ceremonies.

Totems of various tribes of North America and Australia.

Wax figures of Indians in totem masks and ornaments.

Performance of ritual dances by the Papuans of New Guinea, the faces of the audience.

Map of Ancient Egypt with figures of ancient Egyptian deities.

Christian image of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.

The image of St.

Christopher with a horse's head on an Orthodox icon.

Newsreel of the 1920s: bear festival of the Ude people.

Performing rituals of eating bear meat and sacrificing to the spirits in the form of a piece of meat.

Bear skull on a tree.

A wax figure of an Indian shaman.

The "Death Bone" wand, common in Australia.

Photos of rituals and rites held before the hunt.

Calendar: 1986

Locations: Leningrad [848] Ural [920] French Polynesia [79] Republic of Buryatia [740] Vladimir region [772] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Masks with sleeves on the lower lip, protecting against diseases according to the beliefs of the Indians of North America.

Papuans of one of the tribes of New Guinea in the forest on the hunt.

Historian Butinov N. A. speaks about the beliefs of the Papuans of New Guinea in the 19th century, about the belief in black magic (synchronously).

Portraits of Miklukho-Maklay on the wall of the museum.

Portrait of a Papuan woman with tattoos on her face.

Portraits of Papuans made by Miklukho-Maklay.

The bust of Miklukho-Maklay, Butinov continues the story about Miklukho-Maklay's research of the beliefs of the inhabitants of New Guinea, about the magic they use and its types (synchronously).

Portraits of Papuans made by Miklukho-Maklay.

Magical masks and Papuan attributes.

Newsreel of the 1920s: performance of ritual dances among Buddhists.

Llamas blow long trumpets.

Performing one of the Lamaist rites with elements of magic.

The ritual of self-torture "shahsei-vakhsei" among Shiite Muslims.

Service and rituals in the Orthodox church.

The bishop fumigates the congregation with a censer.

The rite of infant baptism.

Consecration of cakes on the eve of Easter, lighting candles in cakes.

The courtyard of the Orthodox church during the consecration of Kulich.

Figurines of deities - fetishes of various tribes.

Examples of fetishes.

Bones and skulls of ancestors preserved by the Papuans as fetishes.

A photo of a Papuan next to an image of his ancestor carved out of wood.

Examples of wearing fetishes on wax figures and photographs.

Parishioners and Orthodox clergy take turns venerating the relics of the saint.

A Buddhist monk waters a Bothi tree, the face of a monk.

Stone-cross in Etchmiadzin-Khachkar.

View of the ancient Christian church of Geghard in Armenia.

Ribbons and handkerchiefs tied to the branches of a tree near the temple, the girl ties another ribbon to the branch.

Animistic masks and drawings depicting material spirits.

Panorama of the territory with dolmens and menhirs-the abodes of souls according to ancient beliefs.

View of one of the dolmens.

Photos of dolmens and menhirs.

Masks and figures in the museum's window.

A wax figure of a shaman during the ritual of summoning spirits-kamlaniya.

Newsreel of the 1920s: a shaman of one of the peoples of the North is holding a kamlaniye, the face of a shaman.

Performing a ritual dance.

The peasant makes the sign of the cross.

The procession in the Russian village.

Parishioners kiss the hand of Patriarch Tikhon.

Orthodox Christians during prayer.

A Muslim performs namaz.

General prayer in the square in front of the mosque.

Service in the synagogue.

The rabbi during the service.

Nomads in the desert kneel during prayer.

Yuri Gagarin walks on the red carpet at Vnukovo airport on April 14, 1961.

The face of the construction foreman.

The process of oil production on a drilling rig.

Harvesting of fodder corn.

Grain in human hands.

Photos of people of different professions and representatives of different peoples.

The painting is an allegory depicting a man holding the sun in his hands.


Gagarin Yurij Alekseevich -- pilot-cosmonaut Tihon (Bellavin Vasilij Ivanovich) -- Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, church leader

Calendar: 1920s

Locations: Leningrad [848] USSR [863] Armenia [12]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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